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The best colors to escape the typical black party dresses

Saharay Perez Bautista
6 min read
The best colors to escape the typical black party dresses – Fashion
The best colors to escape the typical black party dresses

Since time immemorial, black has been the star color for any elegant event. Since in addition to being sophisticated, black garments are extremely versatile, because they combine with any other tone and any style.

However, not all women agree that this color is the most flattering when it comes to wearing party dresses. Therefore, they have been interested in looking for other alternatives to wear these pieces of clothing on a special occasion and be able to look beautiful.

Indeed, we want to present the best colors to escape the typical black party dresses. But not without first highlighting the advantages or disadvantages of this color in fashion.

Main advantages and disadvantages of wearing black

Although it is true, several myths of this color are known that are based on the idea that it helps you look more attractive. At the same time, there are negative ideas that have been associated with this tone, such as that it is "bad luck".

To get out of any doubt, it is necessary to discern the advantages and disadvantages of wearing black clothes :


  • It's easy to combine : Thanks to being a neutral color, it has the ability to make a perfect contrast to any other shade, and it looks absolutely good.

  • It tends to slim the figure : Luckily, it reduces the volume of the areas of the body that are dressed in black and thus, allows you to show a slimmer figure.

  • Conceal or hide imperfections : If the garment is a little frayed or has manufacturing errors, these are not noticeable by the black color.

  • It is characterized by being elegant : Black is synonymous with elegance, luxury and distinction. As if that were not enough, it adds a bit of mystery to the outfit and brings a good dose of sensuality to the girls.

  • It never goes out of style : In other words, it is a timeless color that looks avant-garde in every season of the year and, indeed, stands out for being a good accomplice of closets.


  • It is unfriendly : Some people may avoid having contact with you because you appear to be serious or unfriendly, especially at social events. In other words, this color can create an invisible barrier between you and those around you.

  • May show little creativity : Although it is attractive, black clothing causes a lack of color and this makes it seem uncreative, very boring, and even go unnoticed on many occasions.

  • It is not suitable for all kinds of occasions : For example, at parties or important events during the day, it is not recommended to wear black clothes because it is a gloomy color that transports towards darkness and night.

  • Sometimes it can get old : Although it does not happen in all cases, the truth is that black can age you and make you look much older than you are. Taking into account that, this also depends on the cut of the garment and the type of shoes used.

  • Many associate them with negative things : Unfortunately, many people associate the color black with the negative, evil, sadness and death.

5 colors to use in your party dresses and do without black

If you prefer to have more color in your outfit and avoid the cons of wearing black clothes, you better know what are the best alternatives to use in your party dresses and look beautiful :

1) Cobalt blue

The best colors to escape the typical black party dresses – Fashion
Cobalt blue in dress

It is a versatile color, combines perfectly with other colors and provides a touch of luxury to dresses to increase the sophistication of the girl. It is defined as a hypnotic color that does not have a certain age to wear and is in fashion today.

It is considered one of the tones that is giving more to talk about this season, especially due to its star appearance in the party collections of many well-known firms. In case you want to combine it with the black color, you can use the latter through the accessories.

2) The green

The best colors to escape the typical black party dresses – Fashion
Victoria Beckham in green dress

It is considered one of the most flattering colors currently to wear party dresses, taking into account that it works perfectly on draped dresses with striking prints, as well as in midi cut designs and short suits made of satin fabrics.

The undoubted advantage of this color is that it creates a good mood and has a calming effect. It transmits peace, harmony, serenity and hope. Although it looks very good on any girl, the truth is that its effect is more beautiful in those who have a warm skin tone, are redheads, brown hair or green eyes.

3) The pink

The best colors to escape the typical black party dresses – Fashion
A fuchsia pink dress

In party dresses, pink has become a daring option that, luckily, is successful and flattering for women.

Taking into account that this color associated with good weather, increasingly has more followers who dispense with the climatic state to wear it in their outfits.

If you opt for pink for your party dresses, we recommend choosing the most vivid shades (such as fuchsia) and even designs with sequins because that is what they are succeeding at this time. This color reflects serenity, elegance, good health and success.

4) The orange (in its pastel version)

The best colors to escape the typical black party dresses – Fashion
Elegant pastel orange

In the current festive season, novel color proposals have been observed that, although unexpected, stand out as the best allies to look avant-garde, sophisticated and beautiful.

One of these colors is orange in its pastel version that has burst into the new 2021-2022 Christmas collections.

Keep in mind that dresses with lace and rhinestones or lingerie have the power to sweeten night outfits to make you look great.

If you choose to combine pastel orange with another shade, you can use brown, turquoise, white, yellow and blue.

5) The brown

The best colors to escape the typical black party dresses – Fashion
Brown satin dress

If you prefer to wear dresses in dark colors, but you don't want to use black; one of the most successful options is brown. With its different variants, it has become the most popular of the party during the current autumn-winter season, despite not being the favorite of many people.

Apart from transmitting credibility and stability, the truth is that this color is also very elegant and sophisticated when it comes to dressing.

To choose your brown dresses, we advise you to opt for options with lingerie, in satin fabric or in mini suits with openings on the chest. Thus, you will show a touch of sensuality in your outfit.

Now that you know what are the fashionable colors to avoid the typical black, you can display beautiful dress designs that capture the attention of others and make you look perfect.