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The best tips on how to dress elegant men this season

Luis Rafael
7 min read

Clothing is one of the fundamental factors in the day to day of all people, it is our letter of introduction and we must keep ourselves neat at all times.

Therefore, it is important to know all the techniques on how to dress elegant men in different scenarios of daily life.

The best tips on how to dress elegant men this season – Fashion – WebMediums
The best tips on how to dress elegant men this season

These days, there are endless rules about dress etiquette for formal, casual, and special events.

It is worth mentioning that some of these rules have become obsolete, but some of them can be very useful and facilitate the process when it comes to dressing with class.

The 10 rules of how to dress elegant men at all times

Next, we are going to make known what are the fashion rules of how to dress elegant men in this summer season.

1. 'wear the right kind of cut'

One of the most important factors of our attire is its cut and size, there are different types and we must know which one favors each person. The cut varies depending on the person's build, whether: thin, plump, muscular, tall or short.

For this reason, we must go to a specialist tailor who analyzes the type of style that is suitable for each man, and as a result of that, the appropriate type of cut is chosen. On the Internet there is a huge number of models of suits who indicate their style on the labels.

2. 'Master the measurement of clothes'

The clothes have different styles, measures and designs that are intended for the use of different niches and groups of people. Among the first rules of how to dress elegantly for men, that of 'the perfect measure' stands out, which is based on the fact that we must know our body in order to have the perfect fit.

We must feel elegant and comfortable at the same time when it comes to choosing an outfit, some people feel good wearing loose clothing and the most burly prefer to wear it tighter. It is a matter of choosing the garment depending on the type of body that each user has.

3. 'Don't follow the trends'

The first mistake made by people who want to achieve glamor and elegance is to be influenced by artists and fashion standards. This makes our style predisposed to follow in the footsteps of another person, losing the authentic essence of each individual and following the common factor of the media.

This does not mean that it should be completely ignored, we should only choose what we really like from the trending products and modify it to our personality and style. Since, trends change all the time and what today may be 'the latest trend' tomorrow may be an awful and outdated outfit.

4. 'Replace flannels with button-down shirts'

It is difficult to risk the wardrobe to innovate with new styles, people tend to cling to the usual and doubt the unknown.

However, this may be the best option, since it is the easiest way to change from casual to formal in a matter of seconds, all men love buttons.

If you are looking for a way to dress elegantly for men, you can start by using a plaid or striped design when wearing a long-sleeved shirt.

To create a greater impact on festive occasions, classic and dark colors should be used, such as: gray, beige, brown, black and navy blue.

5. 'Choose the right jeans'

The secret of the elegance of each outfit consists in the lower part of the dress, the pants are totally decisive when wearing the perfect suit.

For the most part, it is recommended to wear dark-colored jeans when wearing soft-toned shirts, and light-colored jeans when wearing dark shirts.

The style of the pants cannot be overlooked, people with long legs tend to wear bell-bottoms or baggy pants. On the other hand, people with thick legs look for a way to highlight their volume by adjusting the jean in a short seam.

6. 'Learn to take risks with colors'

Men often think that there are shades that are not consistent with their personality or skin color, staying in a comfort zone.

It is the perfect time to try new designs and colors to change the style and learn how to dress elegant men while discovering new facets.

Certainly, we must be very careful when combining the pieces, since, among the color palettes, there are tones that do not create harmony with others. Therefore, it is ideal to try on new styles before going out to social events that require the perfect outfit.

7. 'Watch your choice of shoes'

Shoes are one of the most essential parts of the fit, the more elegant the shoes, the better the man will look.

The shoes can be obtained in an infinite number of prices and finishes, it is only a matter of choosing the most durable, with good style and extravagant designs.

Great care must be taken when combining them, they must be worn mostly in dark colors to emphasize the contrast of the shirt, both must match.

If you are looking for how to dress elegantly for men, it is recommended to use moccasins and patent shoes for classic dress.

8. 'Learn to play with the seasons'

When choosing a good outfit, we must take several factors into account to adapt to the best style according to the scenarios.

The weather is crucial for any type of clothing, you must be very careful with the style that you are going to choose in any season of the year, since it can look fatal.

In winter seasons, turtlenecks, thick fabrics and Scottish-style pants or black leather should be used.

On the other hand, if the summer season arrives, wear Hawaiian and beach attire, unbuttoned shirts and fine cotton shorts.

9. 'Using accessories will be the best option'

Accessories make a difference when it comes to dressing, since it makes the brightness that we carry inside stand out.

Rings, watches and chains can be perfectly combined with casual outfits, it is recommended to use them with plain clothes and with simple designs, since the minimalist touch makes the jewels stand out.

In jewelry stores we can find a wide catalog of these accessories, watches are one of the most demanded, since they stand out a lot in long-sleeved shirts and in 'Haute Couture' suits. The price range varies depending on the material of the product, whether it is gold, silver, diamond, zircon or aluminum alloys.

10. 'Maintain proper posture at all times'

This is the most important rule of all and we must follow it to be able to mark the good style wherever we arrive. The best way to dress elegant men is to highlight the confidence we have in ourselves, taking care of the upright posture and the skill when walking.

The suits do a large part of the work and the physique must also be taken into account to compact the size of the outfit, but if the posture and the appropriate movements are not maintained, 40% of the elegance would be lost. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain composure when dressing in elegant clothes.