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The consequences of following these trends in fashion

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If you keep doing this, in the future you will be very sorry

The consequences of following these trends in fashion – Fashion – WebMediums
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Every woman wants to look pretty, comfortable, and good about herself. Although, well, you have to admit that some girls are more extravagant, and extravagances usually have consequences over time.

In this article we do not try to scare you, and much less that you get to have an extreme detachment made you wear these different trends in fashion, which hurt your body. In this general sense, the beauty of your body with these methods should be taken care of.

Therefore, we will not only talk about the bad, we will also include alternatives in the world of fashion, so that you stay within the guidelines that are made and that generate a wave of placing something specific on you.

Before, it was normal to find everyone dressed almost identically, but "fashion suits you", and designers have opened the mind with the phrase "without stereotypes".

This has generated, a new vision of what wants to emphasize of the beauty of the woman. Since, we do not all have our faces in the same way; mouth, eyebrows or even our bodies, size and weight are not the same.

So, the important thing is to know what looks bad or what suits you. Your perspective is also important . Why would we want to look the same if we are all different?

Fashion is also a language, a means of expression where we can show what we want, from our personality, state of mind and what society transmits to us.

Carrying fashion in a way that is appropriate for our health is the priority of our beauty items.

The consequences of following these trends in fashion – Fashion – WebMediums
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1. Extreme Eyebrows

The world of makeup has changed a lot, and I think we all agree that the 90's and 2000's were the worst times when we talk about eyebrows.

Many girls following this fashion, got to pluck their eyebrows too much, leaving only a thin line. Waxing to that limit causes the canyons of the skin around the lower part of the eyebrows to be even more sensitive and whitish.

The eyebrows we are born with are usually the one that best suits our face, although of course, sometimes they require some maintenance or cleaning. Even so, nowadays there are several methods, which, girls who have reached the point of having few hairs on their eyebrows take the option of performing, as it is: " microblanding", which despite being a very good for fixing the eyebrows, it is not recommended to do it consecutively.

It can cause new hairs to stop growing, and therefore, this causes a perennial need for other more abrasive methods to try to make it look good. Running out of eyebrows is often difficult for some girls to cope with.

The consequences of following these trends in fashion – Fashion – WebMediums

2. Very tight hairstyles

The ponytails, which look so good and elegant, when we make them too tight and frequently, cause some weakness in the scalp, this has consequences such as: slight hair loss, or baldness in some parts of the head, especially on the part of the forehead where the hair begins.

We advise not to use large and thin garters, where you have to go many times to tighten the hairstyle in a good way. A good way to find out if you over-tightened is by smiling after your hairstyle is done. If you don't feel discomfort, like a pulling pain in your scalp, that's fine. But if you feel it, let go of the tail a bit.

3. Extensions

It is no secret to anyone that hair extensions pull on the scalp, especially those that are very long. Its consequences are the same as using very tight combs, only at a more serious and noticeable level.

It is better to put these methods aside, and take care of our own hair. If you feel that your hair is very little, it is better to go to the dermatologist for help, to treat your hair, and make it abundant in a more natural way.

The consequences of following these trends in fashion – Fashion – WebMediums

4. Heels

A woman looks stunning when she wears high shoes, they create immediate security, while lengthening her legs and making her look miles away. It is a trend that takes years of creation and use, and it will not go out of style, it is a fundamental piece of it.

But, it is proven according to studies, that the constant use of heels causes muscular discomfort, in the feet, and legs. The girls who work in the office or as waitresses know it.

Clearly, there are many alternatives so that these evils are not aggravated. Typically, stiletto heels are the ones that most tire and cause discomfort.

These alternatives can be lower heels, and flat soles. Also limit the use of heels in general when not necessary.

5. Tight pants

Tight pants are a fashion followed by both women and men, it is not a new fashion at all. But over the years this clothing has been changing and evolving, creating different types of pants which are more versatile and comfortable.

The first jeans were very heavy denim and only slightly stretchy, making exaggerated movement impossible. They are counted as consequences belonging to the use of very tight pants : tingling in the leg muscles, discomfort in the abdomen, even causing gastrointestinal ailments.

Remember, you, your health and your comfort are more important before following trends, do not go to extremes that will generate suffering in the future.