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The first Latina designer to win Project Runway

Shantall Lacayo makes us proud after the final of the most famous fashion design reality show in the world

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The first Latina designer to win Project Runway – Fashion – WebMediums
Shantall Lacayo is a designer born in Nicaragua

The recordings of the 19th season of the reality show so influential in pop culture, ended in the month of December 2021, and at the end of last week the last chapter of the season was broadcasted for the USA.

This is where we celebrate the victory of the Nicaraguan designer, Shantall Lacaya, who is the first Latin woman to win this important show for new garment creators, with global influence.

Lacayo presented an incredible collection inspired by her culture, and captivated both the public and the jury.

The first Latina designer to win Project Runway – Fashion – WebMediums
She is 36 years old and says she is at the peak of maturity in her career as a fashion designer.

The final chapter for Shantall Footman

Chapter Principles

In the final chapter, it always shows us the visit of the program's animator, to the different places where the finalists are culminating their collection of the 10 haute couture pieces.

In the case of Shantall Lacayo, she is excited to show how her designs are doing. We noticed some mannequins with various designs that have not yet been completed.

The colors range from a remarkable cherry red, a pristine white, a rugged black and an incredible pastel yellow suit, which steals the eyes of viewers.

Lacayo begins to explain what her drawings and designs are about, admitting that her muse was the art of the pre-Columbian culture and the modern art of his place of residence in Miami, Florida.

The first Latina designer to win Project Runway – Fashion – WebMediums
Lacayo participated in the 19th edition of Project Runway and took the prize of $250,000

Project Runway 19th Winner

Although tension was always seen between her and Kristina the designer, better known on the reality show by the alias of Kharlashkina, and Shantall herself, she has expressed that she was her biggest rival during the competition.

That tension wasn't a bad additive, however it was more than anyone could bear, but that didn't stop her from earning the title of the new face of Project Runway for her incredible collection for fashion week.

On stage it was seen how the feathered serpent was intertwined in some of the Nicaraguan designs, this pattern being the one that most caught the attention of the jury.

While the cherry red color and pastel yellow suit with modern texture were the next combinations that left the judges very attentive to the collection in its entirety.

Shantall Lacayo won a total of USD$250,000, in addition to advice from the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America).

The first Latina designer to win Project Runway – Fashion – WebMediums
Lacayo and his colleagues celebrate the designer's great victory

Judges' Comments

The clear cosmogony of the pre-Columbian era in Latin American territory was the fervent addition that delighted the jury. What caused them to estimate their score and comments on it.

They cataloged the Shantall Lacayo collection as pieces of art that would be very easy to sell, because it is easy to fall in love with them.

Since it also has structures and cuts that do not stop showing the female body in an elegant way, while still being provocative.

This is not even close to an end to Lacayo's career, now she will have much more international projection.

The first Latina designer to win Project Runway – Fashion – WebMediums
Shantall has been taking the runway spotlight since before Project Runway 19th.

Who is Shantall Footman?

This artist of fabrics and fashion design was born in Nicaraguan lands, and was passionate about fashion design from a very young age.

To fulfill her dreams of studying this career, in 2008 she decided to move to Argentina to study at the University of Fine Arts. Since in Nicaragua she couldn't take that career.

In 2014, after graduating, she decided to compete in the Latin version of Project Runway, which was also filmed in Argentina.

Unfortunately, on that occasion she lost the edition, and the Colombian designer, Jorge Duque, emerged the winner.

"The Jaguar and the Moon" Collection

This is the name of the Nicaraguan designer's most successful fashion collection, according to critics and news media such as "Vogue" magazine.

Said group of pieces by Shantall were impregnated with many prints and textures that honored their great title.

She was a star during the presentation of this collection in 2017 at Miami Fashion Week.

The first Latina designer to win Project Runway – Fashion – WebMediums
Project Runway is one of the most influential reality shows in pop culture.

Road to Project Runway

The 35-year-old designer had been called to audition for the show's 19th edition in March 2020.

Due to various problems, the selection action took more than a year to respond to the requests seen.

At the end of the long wait, Shantall was told that she had not entered. Giving a strong blow, from which she would recover faster than thought.

A vacancy had opened and they wanted her. So she quickly moved to Project Runway to compete for that grand prize he owns today.

Although the first Latino to win Project Runway was the Colombian Sebastián Grey, in the 17th edition, the Nicaraguan designer is the first to win it for the female gender.

Shantall Lacayo is a great example of improvement, serving as an inspiration to millions of girls who, like her, started sewing dresses for their dolls.