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The mistakes you should avoid when wearing prints in your outfit

Maria de Piña
6 min read
The mistakes you should avoid when wearing prints in your outfit
Mistakes you should not make when wearing prints

If at any time you have been impacted by a garment with a patterned textile, you should be careful with them, since wearing prints is not so simple, because any garment that you wear too much can make you disenchanted with your outfit.

Certainly, fashion adapts to our tastes and personality, but that does not mean that everything looks good, so when it comes to prints, you should not dress them as you please.

The 9 most common fashion mistakes when wearing prints

We have all failed at some point when trying to wear a garment or wear a trend, so do not be discouraged. The prints are beautiful, but they require attention when combining and dressing them, so try not to make the following mistakes.

1. Do not upholster your figure

The mistakes you should avoid when wearing prints in your outfit
Do not cover your figure with prints

While it is true that patterns can be combined, or that some patterned outfits look great, this does not apply to all garments. The best way to wear a print is to apply it to just one garment and wear a neutral color on the others.

If you cover your body with garments of only one type of pattern and do not add any contrasting neutral touches, it will seem that you are wrapped in wallpaper. Be very careful with prints on long closed dresses and ensembles.

2. Beware of stripes

This point affects according to your height and how you want to see yourself, the formula in terms of stripes in prints is as follows; horizontal stripes widen, vertical stripes lengthen.

If you are short, avoid horizontal stripes or they will make you look smaller and expand your figure.

If what you are looking for is to project greater height, opt for a vertical striped pattern that will visually give you greater size. A very chic option is striped pants with a plain blouse, so the attention will be focused on your legs, making you look taller and slimmer.

3. Do not abuse the accessories

The mistakes you should avoid when wearing prints in your outfit
Do not abuse with accessories when dressing printed

The main attraction of your look is the pattern you choose, so this does not require extra reinforcements. Avoid hats, scarves, bags, exaggerated earrings, extravagant necklaces and all kinds of accessories that make you look overloaded.

Prints can be cheerful, colorful and very dynamic, but they always project a bit of elegance. So your accessories should be simple, take advantage of the simple, take only what is necessary and let him be the center of attraction.

4. Avoid giant prints

This is another mistake that short girls often make, they tend to wear prints whose image is of very large proportions and obscure their figure. A fashion norm teaches that print is appropriate if your figures are smaller than the size of a fist.

The best application of printed garments is when they have very small figures, thus highlighting their aesthetics without overshadowing you. And you exploit the curiosity factor that forces everyone to fix their eyes on you, to decipher the figure of the print.

5. Avoid mixing patterns

It is not impossible to do it, but if you do not master the rules very well in terms of shapes, colors and trends, it will become a nightmare. Not everything you see on the catwalk works the same for everyone, the mix of prints is more complicated than it seems.

Use the prints as the strong garment of your look and contrast with the simplicity of the neutrals. In the quest to mix patterns you can end up looking like a sculpture or a colorful painting, if you are new to fashion, do not mix them.

6. Do not dress flowers lightly! Study your body before

The mistakes you should avoid when wearing prints in your outfit
Flowers are dressed according to the body

The idea that flower prints are only for old ladies dresses is totally wrong, floral prints are very chic, especially in summer. The trick is to dress them according to the dimensions of our body to take advantage of it.

  • Short girls : Minimalist flowers, the smaller the better.

  • Inverted triangle figure : Show off the flowers from the waist down.

  • Pear figure : Dress the flowers from the waist up.

This is a suggestion from experts, but it is not a strict rule, what you should do is measure the proportions of your body, look for a floral print that is appropriate and gives more visibility to the desired area.

7. Do not abuse with the animal print

We have already made it clear that it is not good to fill our entire outfit with a print, but there are those who think that the animal print escapes this, and it is not. This type of print is the favorite of many, but let me clarify that if it is used in excess it gives extra volume.

The animal print is full of elegance and just a little of it in any look, to make it stand out. Beware of adding extra visual kilos, for wanting to abuse the zebra or leopard print. 

8. Say no to extravagant colors!

The prints monopolize the scene and give the look the necessary dose of extravagance, adding an intense color is superfluous. This mixture usually does not turn out well at all, it gives the impression of wanting to attract attention at all costs and that is not what you want.

For this reason, neutral colors are recommended, since they serve to balance the harmony of the look. Where the print is your strong touch and the neutral of the other garment serves as a base to highlight it.

9. Do not fall into a routine

This may sound self-explanatory, but there are those who take a liking to prints and encase their look in them, which with the passing of days loses its magic. The prints should be a token that you use at specific times to make a difference.

Reserve its application for moments in which you want to shine and take over the scene, take advantage of its striking essence and do not waste this resource quickly by wearing it in any garment.

There is a special secret in prints and that is that they are responsible for the success of great looks, so don't be afraid to use them, especially if you follow the advice above to the letter. Live, have fun and wear the pattern that you like the most without fear of failing.