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The most expensive women's shoes in the world

Ruth Chacon
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The most expensive women's shoes in the world – Fashion – WebMediums

To know the most expensive shoes in the world, we must first know what materials they were made of and who their designers are, which is why the importance of knowing the designer and its high price.

What are the most expensive women's shoes in the world?

Cinderella's shoes

These are created by Stuart Weitzman which were used by the singer Alissom Krauss at the Òscar awards, since she was the woman who received the most Gramm`s as a soloist is valued at two million euros and are designed with 500 diamonds, for this reason the comparison of cinderella's crystal shoes is very similar hence its name.

Stuart Weitzman's Heeled Sandals

Created by this great designer valued at a million euros, they are characterized by their red color and are inlaid with more than 600 rubies and half a kilo of platinum in total, it was released in 2003 by an exhibition of renowned London stores.

The most expensive women's shoes in the world – Fashion – WebMediums

Rita hayworth's shoes

One of the famous women who played Gilda, appears in several parts of the film with these shoes that have a characteristic heel and flower, at present it is a collector's item that is found in the house of the actress's daughter, where she inherited fortune, they are valued at about 3 million euros.

Stuart Weitzman's shoes

These shoes have been used by the actress Laur Harriing, and she performs her character in the movie Mulholland Drive which she used in an Oscar Awards gala, since she paid Weitzman more than one million euros, it has a main design more than 400 teardrop diamonds.

The Golden Retro Rose Shoes

It is another model of shoes, which were designed with a heel from the 40s by Stuart Weitzman, for this reason it has the name Retro, it is valued at one million euros, its main design is a flower with diamonds and this beautiful rose It was created by the famous jeweler Kwiat.

Tanzanite shoes

This Stuart Weitzman design was created with an exclusive feature where it has a blue stone called Tanzanite that gives it a value of 2 million euros in total. They have eight precious stones in their structure, in addition to the diamonds that they carry in the decoration.

The most expensive women's shoes in the world – Fashion – WebMediums

The shoes you always need in your closet

Shoes with neutral tones and classic designsM in this way you can combine them easily, you must maintain an original style in your way of dressing in order to use the ideal footwear, for this reason dark-colored shoes are a trend because there are many options so that you are encouraged to take risks and try new things with the right shoe.

The most expensive women's shoes in the world – Fashion – WebMediums

Ankle boots are a good option, since they are comfortable, warm and give a more youthful image.

The most expensive women's shoes in the world – Fashion – WebMediums

Sports shoes are very important to have this option in your wardrobe because they combine with everything the biggest trend in these are white, you can also choose another tone that perfectly suits your look.

The Animal Print Trend It is an essential style either in your clothing as well as in your shoes for any occasion you can use it and in many ways both for day or night, thus providing the best style for your ideal outfit.

Black high-heeled shoe: To choose these they do not necessarily have to be the most expensive and expensive, you can wear what are in fashion lately. And it is perfect for any work routine, party, among others.

Colored shoes : You can make the best combinations of what you like the most because they all look good on you, the main objective of using these is that you break the routine of classic colors and use the ones that attract attention, so that you have a much more daring and different attitude.

Flat or medium-heeled sandals: They are one of the most used in the spring-summer season, if you are going to use an informal look you can use them without any fear because they have a casual style and at the same time you can use them with dresses, jeans and skirts.

Recommendations for you to wear fashionable shoes

The most expensive women's shoes in the world – Fashion – WebMediums

We can consider when choosing shoes you should give priority to what is most comfortable for you, you like and examine for what reason you are going to use it, but you must also take into account what the latest trends are.

All these trends come hand in hand with fashion, for this reason you should select those that match your look, but that are within the panorama of what is being used at the moment and not seem that you are not according to the time, since It is important to maintain a modern and super chic style so that you feel comfortable with what you are wearing and that way you will look good.

How to choose the ideal shoes?

The model of the shoe you choose will depend on the event you are going to attend, and you have the best option to know which one will be the ideal, we can know a great variety of shoes, but if you have a professional who is up-to-date in the world of fashion it would be the best option.

The details that you can take into account are:

  • To select them you must first place them and that they fit completely to your foot.

  • You must also verify the color that you are going to use that these cannot have a darker color than that of your skin, that is, they must be slightly lighter.

  • It is very important that the shoes are worn with the correct dress with the same or identical shades in order to achieve the perfect combination.

  • You must try on your shoes carefully and make sure that you feel comfortable and that your toes or heels will not protrude in this way you will be more comfortable and secure, ensuring that you will walk safely and with elegance.