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The most iconic movie costumes in fashion

Maria de Piña
5 min read

Clothing is an essential part of movies, and many of these tapes take it to another level, standing out not only for their plot, but also for the costume line they show in each scene.

It is the work of the costume directors that helps to position these films, design lines that take months to make, exhibited in tapes of a few minutes.

Glamorous, daring, sophisticated outfits and above all with a lot of style that you will even want to imitate, are what you will see in the movies that we will mention below.

Iconic movies that fascinated by their costumes

Whether they are outfits made from scratch or looks created from garments from recognized brands, the costumes of these films caused a sensation among the public at their premiere, classifying them as iconic fashion films.

So let's see what is hidden behind the costumes of these tapes.

The Devil Wears Prada

The most iconic movie costumes in fashion – Fashion – WebMediums
Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt.

A fashion film that captivated by the radical change of its protagonist Andy Sachs characterized by Anne Hathaway, who was a carefree assistant for good dress.

The protagonist's life and outfits change as a result of her desire to keep her job with the director of a prestigious fashion magazine.

Although the plot was full of glamor and style, due to the different characters, the outfit that immortalized the film was the Channel brand outfit, with an elongated blazer and high leather boots, giving a youthful and sophisticated touch to the assistant who surprised her. moviegoers.

The most iconic movie costumes in fashion – Fashion – WebMediums
Channel Outfit

The production of costumes was in charge of the designer and stylist Patricia Field who is one of the most sought after for the direction in costumes of movies and series.


The most iconic movie costumes in fashion – Fashion – WebMediums
Emma Stone as Cruella.

One of the most recent films to impress young and old is the Disney Live Action adaptation of the 101 Dalmatian villain.

This is due to the exotic and glamorous outfits of the protagonist "Cruella de Vil" characterized by actress Emma Stone.

The costume line was in the hands of designer Jenny Beavan, winner of the Oscar for her work in the films.

This designer created a total of 47 outfits just for the protagonist, which have strong inspiration from great fashion designers.

The most iconic movie costumes in fashion – Fashion – WebMediums
Cruella's Outfits

In turn, the designer created for the rest of the cast different outfits for characterization, the most prominent among the supporting actors wardrobe contrafigura the Baroness von Hellman (Emma Thompson) with 33 stunning outfits.

The outfits reflect haute couture in exotic, yet glamorous dresses, with artistic elements that blend seamlessly with the plot.

Sex and the City: the movie

The most iconic movie costumes in fashion – Fashion – WebMediums
Protagonists of Sex and the City

Gained fame for its plot, which recounted the different lives of 4 city friends, in its broadcast as a series.

However, after its success, his first film was released in 2008, where the style of each one of them inspired the fans of the series.

Designer Patricia Field had to work on different styles, who was in charge of the production of costumes for the series and the first two Sex in the City films.

The costumes reflect the personality of each of the protagonists, showing an evolution in their styles.

Current outfits that set trends in their time, still being a reference of style.

The dressmaker

The most iconic movie costumes in fashion – Fashion – WebMediums
Kate Winslet as the Dressmaker

Released in 2016, it is a film that stands out for its exceptional outfits.

The plot is based on the life of a glamorous dressmaker, who after gaining prestige in Paris, returns to her hometown to materialize her revenge against those who forced her to leave town.

Set in the 1950s, this showcases glamorous period outfits made by costume director Margot Wilson, who dedicated herself exclusively to the protagonist's outfits.

The designer wanted to reflect the “New Look”, a nascent style of the time, but in a personalized way for the protagonist, emphasizing the energy of the character.

The Great Gatsby

The most iconic movie costumes in fashion – Fashion – WebMediums
Scene from The Great Gatsby

Released in 2016, this film captivated viewers with its great wardrobe, which was inspired by the time of the 20s, where the brightness and details massed the outfits of the entire cast.

The creation of the costumes was in the hands of designer Catherine Martin, an acclaimed costume producer, Oscar winner for her work.

The impact of the costumes of the film brought back to the current fashion items such as fringed mini - dresses and flappers, being a driving belt of style.

Beauty and the Beast

The most iconic movie costumes in fashion – Fashion – WebMediums
Bella's yellow dress.

One of the most anticipated films of 2020 was the adaptation of the Disney film Beauty and the Beast.

The excitement increased to see in a realistic and sophisticated way the iconic outfits of the princess, which met all the expectations of the fans.

Everyone was shocked to see the yellow dress, a work by designer Jacqueline Durran who brought a romantic outfit from animation to reality, but with the classic touch of a princess.

The most iconic movie costumes in fashion – Fashion – WebMediums
Bella's casual dress.

However, the other outfits created for the protagonist have a marked feminist direction, so in her more casual look, she has boots, which gives dynamism to the character.


The most iconic movie costumes in fashion – Fashion – WebMediums
Natalie Portman starring in Jackie.

The life of Jackie Kennedy recounted in a film is among the most acclaimed films for its costumes, for the impressive work of the designer Madeleine Fontaine, who highlighted the iconic outfits of the first lady and in turn created some that complement the story.

Class and elegance characterize each of the outfits that were created for actress Natalie Portman, outfits that were able to reflect the feelings of the character, such as the black lace dress that can be seen in the ribbon.

The costumes of a movie can fascinate the viewer, but they are also capable of causing a great impact on society and the world of fashion. These have undoubtedly achieved it by being a challenge to overcome for new productions.