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The worst dressed celebrities of recent years

The red carpet has been the setting for the most disastrous outfits

Maria de Piña
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All celebrities will want to set their own style, and wanting to innovate with their outfits has led them to make unfavorable decisions in relation to style and fashion.

Garments that have been created by important clothing brands, and that have also been pointed out by fashion critics, as "disasters that never should have been on catwalks."

Although fashion is an expression of creativity, many outfits did not meet the expectations of the public, not even in the best bodies in Hollywood.

The most disastrous outfits in history worn by celebrities

Clothes can lead us to look incredible, but a bad choice can lead us to end up as the worst dresses of the night.

Here we will show you a count of those who were the worst dressed in recent years.

Kety Perry and her pink Balmain dress

The worst dressed celebrities of recent years – Fashion – WebMediums
Kety Perry in pink Balmain dress

For the 2019 Grammy Awards, singer Kety Perry shocked audiences and fashion critics by hitting the red carpet in an outfit by the clothing brand Balmain.

This pink outfit went down in history, but not in a positive way. Its unusual skirt shape and texture resembled an ice cream cone, for which many created endless memes, finding thousands of similarities.

Balmain brand outfits are characterized by being innovative, implementing very marked geometric shapes. However, this model was not one of her best dresses, being a total disaster on the red carpet.

Lady Gaga and her Carne dress

The worst dressed celebrities of recent years – Fashion – WebMediums
Lady Gaga and her Carne dress

2010 was the year with the most nominations for Lady Gaga, and in which she wanted to dazzle with a feeling of protest with her dress made of real meat.

Although it was a unique piece, created by designer Franc Fernández, and later made by Nicola Formichetti, it caused great controversy among critics and the public.

It impressed with its originality, but it was not listed as a fashion innovation. For many it was considered a fashion disaster and in turn caused a stir with animal groups who were against the artist for her attire.

St Vincent and her Saint Laurent dress

The worst dressed celebrities of recent years – Fashion – WebMediums
St Vincent and her Saint Laurent dress

Singer-songwriter Anna Clark, better known as St Vincent, made one of the worst wardrobe mistakes at the 2018 Oscars, where she was invited to perform.

Although the styles for her presentations are very striking, no one expected the singer to go to the red carpet with an outfit from the Saint Laurent brand, which she customized with accessories creating a fashion disaster.

The famous brand's dress was a risky bet, since its structure had exaggerated attributes, such as the baggy sleeves and the cut of the skirt. Despite that, it was the poor choice of accessories and hairstyle that ruined her outfit.

As accessories, she chose a black headdress that did not favor the singer's smooth bob at all. To this I add some black stockings and pointed heels that did not fit the dress, being singled out as one of the worst dressed of the night.

Salma Hayek and her lilac Gucci dress

The worst dressed celebrities of recent years – Fashion – WebMediums
Salma Hayek at the 2018 Oscars in a Gucci dress

Although the dress is valued at $ 4 million, we cannot deny that it was a total failure for the actress at the 2018 Oscars.

The Gucci brand created this sophisticated sequined lilac outfit with a crossover V-neckline and a long pleated skirt, both of which were the main focus of fashion critics.

Although the general concept showed the dress in an elegant style, it was overloaded with glitter and pleats which ruined the image of the actress.

The skirt folds fell victim to memes and comparisons to curtains and lamps, leading him to make a fashion disaster and one of Salma's worst outfits.

Miley Cyrus and her outfits uncovered

The worst dressed celebrities of recent years – Fashion – WebMediums
Miley Cyrus at the MTV VMA 2020

If we talk about fashion disasters, the former Hanna Montana tops the list of the worst dressed, for her incomprehensible outfits.

After leaving the Disney industry and reaching adulthood, this girl began to explore new styles, coming to adopt a sexist and extremely revealing style for not only her presentations, but also for the red carpets.

The most controversial dress was the one she wore to the 2015 MTV VMA Awards, where she opted for a silver Versace outfit that only minimally covered her private parts.

Most of their outfits reflect an irreverent and daring style, which tend to be seen as costumes, garnering negative opinions from fashion critics and the general public.

Kin Kardashian in an incognito outfit

The worst dressed celebrities of recent years – Fashion – WebMediums
Kin Kardashian's iconic outfit at the 2021 Met Gala

Although the Met Gala is an ostentatious and glamorous event, this year kin caused a stir for her outfit, garnering bad reviews from both fashion commentators and her social media audience.

We are used to seeing an impeccable Kin, in daring outfits that show her best attributes. It was in 2018 where she surprised us with an outfit that pretended to be soaked. After this, we expected the bet to increase, but this is not what happened.

Covered in black from head to toe, hiding every part of her body, where the only thing that stood out was her voluptuous figure. Without details or color, this was what positioned her on the networks as a meme this year.

These are the main worst dressed celebrities of recent years, for wearing outfits that did not have a clear sense of fashion and with outfits that no one will want to replicate.