Tips to learn to dress according to the occasion

Maria de Piña
6 min read

In our life it is normal for us to go for different moments in which I love that we see the best presentable possible. The image we project should always reflect our true essence, with unresseoned style on the occasion.

Error that we commit a lot of women is opting for the same look for all events, Well, it is the one we believe that we have better. However, either for a simple romantic appointment or a wedding, we must choose the look that suits the level of the event.

If not a great variety in your wardrobe or you do not know what to use for some appointment, the best you can do today is to continue reading, so you can apply the best tips to learn to dress according to the occasion.

Know the level of dress of the occasion:

Tips to learn to dress according to the occasion – Fashion – WebMediums

While they have already invited us some exit or event, we must understand that is as important as for the clothing, with this we refer to that although the appointment requires a great economic effort and time to Be able to look chord.

The level of dress as a guest of a wedding, will never be equal to that of a business appointment, the two events are important, but at the time of choosing the clothes, the elegance and glamor we use for one, it does not have the same level as the other.

Inquire on the label of the events:

Tips to learn to dress according to the occasion – Fashion – WebMediums

Many social events are handled with different types of label, and even weddings, 15 years, baptisms and communions, are events in which hosts choose whether to do it big or a little more modest. This influences what we wear for that day.

Do not be afraid to ask If in the invitation you do not mention it, it is better to ask before, that look out of tone at the event.

While they indicate that it is a gala event, we must seek to see glamorous dresses that are in tune to the elegance that the event assertes. By indicating that it is a suit event, we must use an elegant outfit, like a party dress, but without reaching the level of gala.

But in the case that the event is more informal, you can also opt for more relaxed, but not casual dresses or outfits. The idea is that even so dazzles with a good outfit, hairstyle and makeup, but without reaching the levels of a great event.

Define what is the impression you want to reflect:

Tips to learn to dress according to the occasion – Fashion – WebMediums

Every time we dressed in the morning we must ask ourselves What impression would I want to cause? This allows us to better choose the garments to use, since we are thinking about the image that we are reflecting to others, which must be a visual proven of our essence.

On each occasion we certainly want to reflect our internal self, but it is not necessary to deny that for the reasons for some appointments Aptitude and intention is evidenced by our dress.

In the case of a loving date, although we want it to be the first of many, we can not go as if we were shopping, but neither exhibit us a lot with extremely striking and sensual clothes, because you notice an image Forced for an appointment that is to be known.

In the case of an appointment to meet the mother-in-law, for this our image should reflect exactly our style, but in a conservative and relaxed manner. We really reflect who we are, but in a doubt that our partner's mother will accept us.

Dress your face and hair:

Tips to learn to dress according to the occasion – Fashion – WebMediums

With this we refer to that to create a complete look, we must take into account both the hair, as our face. These are part of our image, and maybe even if you do not have a freshly outlet from the store that is phenomenal, these two are a difference.

These also have to take them into account when asking both the level of the event, and the label of it. Since we may have a spectacular dress of gala, but if we obviate the hairstyle and makeup, You will see how we do not dedicate time to our image.

In counterpart, and usually happens much, that women attend low-level events or appointments, and create super elaborate makeup that they have nothing to do with the appointment or with their attire.

Keep your personal style:

Tips to learn to dress according to the occasion – Fashion – WebMediums

Each person should have a style, one with whom he sits and look comfortable. Although occasions are different, if it is possible to keep the same style with garments, makeup and hairstyle you choose.

An error that usually commits the girls is that change style because they think that the occasion is worth it, however this what it does is create in them a forced image for the moment and that is usually an Own your look.

This also limits them, then choose garments that does not make them feel comfortable, so you feel self-conscious of doing activities and enjoying the moment.

Analyze the activities you will do and the place:

Tips to learn to dress according to the occasion – Fashion – WebMediums

For each appointment or event, we must understand that we will carry out some activity, whether dancing, running, walking or eating, these being the most basic activities. These must be taken into account when choosing the look, so that the attire does not interfere with the enjoyment.

On the other hand we must also take into account the place and in what land we will step on, because some outfits and full looks are not adapted for certain places and thematic. An example of this is an outdoor wedding, spring in a patio with grass, there ahead heels do not fit.

The idea is that you understand the risks that causes a bad choice for an appointment or event, because they limit us to enjoy the moment and in turn can cause this to be a torment.

Although sometimes you see a little overwhelming the fact of choosing the best look to stand out on any occasion, it is not something that can not be overcome and achieve successfully. And with the help of these tips you will not be able to fail, now there is only to wait for the next invitation to dazzle.