Watches: A world of styles and brands that you would like to know

Maria de Piña
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Although a good watch can be a very practical tool, it is still an element that highlights our style.

In the world of accessories there are many models, but only some styles and brands are the most sought after, mostly by men.

Now, each of them have unique characteristics, which lead to perfectly complement the outfit you choose to represent your own style.

For this reason, between designs and functions, you should know the most popular watches that you will undoubtedly want to wear.

Find out what kind of man you are according to your watch

Classic, elegant, dynamic, fun, this and much more is what you can project from your wrist, since the qualities and designs of the watch styles that we will show you are key, not only to complement an outfit, but to make known the kind of man you are.

Classic Model Watches

Tissot Classic

These types of watches are particularly old in terms of manufacture and design, which is why their models enjoy great prestige among connoisseurs.

They come from times when jewelry and ostentation were more notable in them, and without a doubt they are the ideal ones to complete an outfit for a black tie event.

Some have minimalist and delicate designs, however, all look to accompany a formal outfit, reflecting an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

Among the models we can find for men and women, which have more subtle details adapted to women.

Digital watches

Executive digital watch

If we talk about functionality, they are much more practical than other watches. This is because its design is based on a screen that allows us to display the time numerically.

Although its models are varied, these are the most used by children and adults, since it allows them to better appreciate the time and have more casual styles.

The digital watch models represent energy and dynamism, as it has an image that is perfectly combined with a relaxed and sporty appearance.

They are a staple to wear in your everyday life as it fits most casual styles. And how not to do it, if their diversity in terms of manufacturing materials leads them to make them in different colors and have different designs.

Marine Watches

Marine style watch

This style tells its own story, where precision, quality and innovation are intertwined, which can be appreciated beyond its designs.

Although they are preferred by men of the sea, they are still perfect for casual outfits, being a style success for men from 35 to 55 years old.

These watches stand out for their chromed metal and leather combinations, giving a regal and minimalist look, which makes them a great ally to instill respect and experience.

Pilot watches

Classic Pilot's Watch

A little larger than common watch models, and with some special applications that make it stand out.

These watches are unique, and easily arouse the interest of those who see them, this due to the details it has, which fused with its design, makes them ideal for young men and adults.

While it is true that they come equipped with special functions for air tamers, their design that fuses the elegant with the modern manages to complement both casual and formal outfits.

Racing watches

Racing Tag Euer Grand

Every pilot, whether in the air or on the track, must be very attentive to the weather, and this is what led to the creation of this type of watch.

With designs inspired by racetracks or innovative cars, racing watches mark your style by telling the story of these. Their designs are unique and reflect the passing of the auto racing years.

His models reflect masculinity and in some cases for their classic models, a feeling of maturity, which make them perfect for casual outfits.

Brands that define much more than time

Although styles are the basis of everything, we cannot deny that great brands have positioned themselves in the history of watches, enduring over time and still being preferred by watch lovers.

Let's meet the watchmaking giants in charge of giving life to the best designs, which have dressed the wrists of all kinds of celebrities.


Rolex Datejust 36 in steel

Not in vain its name represents prestige and power, since it is undoubtedly one of the favorites of those who want to attract attention without being extravagant.

This is because it is not necessary to show them too many, because their designs shine by themselves.

The brand presents models for both men and women, where elegance is the standard of those who wear it. For this reason, they are essential for formal and formal attire.

His designs are appreciated by public figures like Barak Obama, and even celebrities like Rihanna.


Casio Men's Watch

They are the first choice for those who maintain a fresh and relaxed look, who are looking for a good watch that does the job.

They inspire dynamism and have a wide variety of models, so you can opt for classic designs for a more formal look and more sporty digital styles for a more casual look.


Swatch Sistem51 Ecological

Authentic Swiss jewels that make the ideal companion to parade through the most elegant settings. In turn, with its other models it can be the accessory that you will never change.

Its models represent the vivid essence of modernity in watches, whether for men or women there will always be a watch waiting for you.

It is not only quality in durability or function, it is the mixture of textures, colors and a slight artistic touch, which makes them one of the best options.

Watches are accessories with personality, so our task is to choose the one that best suits us, thus obtaining everything in the same package, that is, quality, functionality and a great design that reflects you.


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