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Who decides the fashion?

Find the answers to understand how the trends in vogue are decided

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Who decides the fashion? – Fashion – WebMediums
Magazines as a means of communication and of high impact on world trends

We always refer to fashion as a kind of disease, and we are not entirely wrong, but this topic has many things behind it, which in this article we will break down.

Fashion is something that moves the world, transforming parameters into a psychology that few noticess with the naked eye. Since social pressure leaves many blind spots for anyone.

That's why we don't see much sense in asking ourselves: Should I wear something that everyone wears?

Who decides the fashion? – Fashion – WebMediums
What we see in magazines

What things influence us to follow fashion?

Forms of behavior that they impose on us from a young age, give us the answers.

Since our childhood, group of friends, school, family, instruct us the limits of how to act in each situation; where we are in society is a key factor.

The influences are many, for something we always differentiate a person from one era, from a person belonging to another generation. Because each change is quite pushed by the economic and social situation, technology and the needs of an individual by such breaking points and crisis.

Does fashion have a purpose?

The purpose of fashion does not exist, it is a perennial and unequivocal need of any individual in society to be accepted.

It is not that the subject in question is soft, but that being different is something that requires a lot of mental strength, and everyday situations look great, all added together.

So the last thing left is to follow someone else, and that one, follow someone else, making an endless chain.

So, the question that remains after the above is:

Who decides the fashion? – Fashion – WebMediums
The lines of society are followed practically blindly by the masses

Does fashion have psychology?

Well, if there is any doubt, you have it. That is why it comes and goes with the behavior that roars in the community, until the ideas and needs dictated at the moment, are consumed.

To again take other genius, and then break with them, in a way that sometimes generates total rejection.

Like the fashion of the beginning of the 2000s these trends are totally abhorred today — especially by the people who were the most risky at that time — But who can stop that fashion from returning?

Everything is clustering in clothing, and then fluctuates like a latent virus, which becomes strong, controlling our head to tell us where to go, what you eat, what you read, etc.

You don't even notice that you do it, because it is a human way of behaving.

Who decides the fashion? – Fashion – WebMediums
Princess Diana of Wales (80's to 90s Fashion Highlight)

Different actions

Trends are born to be distinctive. It seems somewhat unusual that something that even in mathematics we call repetitive, is something that actually comes with the purpose of being differential.

The upper class is always the one who imposes the trends, due to the impact that these people generate, fame comes intrinsically in the taste of a matter that should be personal.

The influencers of the moment; singers, models, film actors and others, are people whose styles are copied the most, it is already obvious why.

So a particular individual does not trigger what he likes because he dictates that question to himself, but has the incessant idea of: "This is what others like, this is what is in fashion, this is what it's okay, and it's good taste. "

Who decides the fashion? – Fashion – WebMediums
Fashion hunters study from the shadows

The Coolhunters Analysis

Have you ever wondered how agencies and large corporations know what will be trending? What colors to use and what styles to promote?

Why do designers invade similar styles on each catwalk, even if they are totally different people?

This comes thanks to the study that is given to the subject in question, generated in turn, not by the designers as a whole, but by the thinking of the citizens.

These series of investigations are carried out by specialized agencies in the field, where they hunt for trends up to two years in advance.

These people are called Coolhunters, and they specialize in the field of fashion, while looking at each of the factors that causes a trend to emerge.

They look for situations related to global warming, to determine what coats could work or which shirt is more comfortable. The colors are also chosen by the time of year, the cuts in the clothing by the display of the neck, arm or leg, etc.

To later verify the great influencers who begin to wear some distinctive clothing.

If that trend becomes strong, they add it to their study portfolio. Ending with a broad concept of what people want.

While reporting these results to large companies, they are of utmost importance before each fashion week begins.

Who decides the fashion? – Fashion – WebMediums
Fall of a trend

How does fashion die?

A fashion can be considered a trend if it has a useful life of 3 months to 3 years. However, the evolution of this means of expression has been impregnated in other styles and times.

Fashion will always recycle something, since the things that people previously wore is what we know.

The death of fashion comes from the feverish constancy of appearance.

Generally, the people who impose the tendencies are those of the upper class, as we already explained, having a differentiating object towards other individuals.

But after being followed by each person — regardless of where they come from or which group they belong to — they die, because they no longer cause an impact, becoming dull and boring.

Who decides the fashion?

With all the above points understood, each person can come up with their own conclusion.

Although society will always be the most important object in fashion, designers create things many years in advance, waiting for a moment when their creation is the most accepted.

They are the ones who speculate devising clothes and styles in accordance with the results of the Coolhunters analysis, and they should take the credit for who decides the fashion, although of course, with society on the side.