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Zara's jeans in trend 2021-2022

Saharay Perez Bautista
6 min read
Zara's jeans in trend 2021-2022 – Fashion – WebMediums
Zara's jeans in trend 2021-2022

It is no secret to anyone that good jeans can change or improve your silhouette and hence its great importance of being in any women's wardrobe.

Jeans are those garments that have a timeless design, offer quality and stylize your figure.

And if we talk about brand, one of the types of jeans that are always in trend and provide all these particularities to favor the girl's looks, are Zara jeans.

This brand is distinguished by launching designs that, in addition to being affordable, adapt to any figure and improve the appearance of the body.

Indeed, it is of great interest to know which are the trend Zara jeans and also take into account some tips to use these pants that favor your look in the best possible way. Read on to find out all this and more.

5 Zara jeans in trend in the Autumn-Winter 2021-2022 season

If you want to show off your silhouette and have a jean in your closet that allows you to look beautiful regardless of your style in the fall and winter season, here are 5 trendy options that you can get in a Zara store for affordable prices :

1) Jeans "wide leg" cropped (Price: 25.95 euros)

Zara's jeans in trend 2021-2022 – Fashion – WebMediums
Cropped wide leg jeans

They are wide leg jeans that help to hide the width of the thighs and hips. So, if you have these body characteristics, they may be an optimal option for you.

Zara's cropped "wide leg" jeans are also distinguished by enhancing the silhouette of the ladies and last but not least, thanks to their high rise, they create a lengthening effect on the legs. Additionally, they favor the butt and curves due to their five-pocket pattern.

2) Ripped flare jeans for women (Price: 25.95 euros)

Zara's jeans in trend 2021-2022 – Fashion – WebMediums
Ripped flare jeans for women

It is no secret to anyone that ripped jeans have become one of the most famous trends in recent months and thus, they are weighted as one of the favorites to wear magnificent looks in autumn and winter. Even women over 50 have not resisted this Zara design.

This reference of the Spanish clothing chain is distinguished by its subtle detail of rips in the upper knee area.

In addition, it shows a very original washed effect that can be casual and elegant at the same time. It also has a five-pocket pattern and flared hem, as well as a mid-high rise that flatters a woman's waist.

3) Women's jeans "cropped flare" (Price: 19.95 euros)

Zara's jeans in trend 2021-2022 – Fashion – WebMediums
Cropped flare jeans for women

They refer to black jeans that are also available in other shades and therefore fit all women's tastes. Which has been made with a slightly elastic fabric that adapts to each silhouette perfectly.

For its part, it is cropped and mid-high rise, it even has a low flare effect without seams that, in addition to looking beautiful, manages to stylize the legs in an unparalleled way.

4) Women's jeans "full lenght" (Price: 29.95 euros)

Zara's jeans in trend 2021-2022 – Fashion – WebMediums
Women's jeans "full lenght"

It is an original jean from Zara that has five pockets, is high-waisted and is blue. This color is one of the most classic and is timeless to complement any look.

One of its biggest advantages is that it has a completely straight cut and, in effect, it is flattering for curvy girls. Thanks to its leg length that reaches the bottom of the leg, it helps a woman appear a little taller and more slender.

5) Black "wide leg" women's jeans (Price: 29.95 euros)

Zara's jeans in trend 2021-2022 – Fashion – WebMediums
Black wide leg jeans for women

Although it is a Zara reference that is available in all colors (even lime green and red), the truth is that your best option is black.

One of the main peculiarities of this jean is that it has an extra-long wide leg cut that favors smaller girls.

It also enhances the beauty of curvy women and features a seamless hem finish that is eye-catching and sophisticated at the same time. It should be noted that it has five pockets and has a high rise.

Tips to choose your ideal jeans

Zara's jeans in trend 2021-2022 – Fashion – WebMediums
Tips to choose your ideal jeans

If you want to wear a cowboy or jean that improves your silhouette and ultimately allows you to look more beautiful; it's time for you to follow our tips below:

  • Select the correct size : A jean must fit the exact measure, that is, neither too tight to the body nor too loose. So, make sure you choose the correct size so that it highlights your figure, and you can look sexy, instead of emphasizing what should not be seen, or you prefer to disguise.

  • When buying a jean, squat down : Just as it is essential to measure your jeans in person, it is also good to follow this technique when doing it. In this way, you will be able to know that your lower back (or beyond) will not be exposed, as well as checking if the rolls come out, if the belly is visible a lot and ultimately, if the garment makes you uncomfortable.

  • Choose to wear a tone that flatters you : To adjust the jean to your body shape, color is one of the most special factors. For example, if you have a slim silhouette, light color can be your best ally. But, if you have a pear-shaped or round silhouette, dark and clean pants favor you much more.

  • If you want to give the illusion of longer legs, make sure the garment is long : The longer, the better to look taller. Indeed, if you wear jeans that touch the floor, the lengthening effect of your legs will be much more accentuated.

According to your body type, these are the most suitable jeans for you:

  • For a round body : If your silhouette has this shape, it is best to choose a jean with a high waist. Since, it is a design that allows to hide the abdomen area, especially if it is with a straight cut and a dark color.

  • For an inverted triangle silhouette : If your body shape resembles this, we recommend wearing jeans with a straight cut. Thus, without a doubt, you will be able to favor your silhouette.

  • For wide hips : Women with wide hips should choose straight pants without darts. With this, in addition to concealing their hips, they can avoid enhancing their size and thus improve their body appearance.

  • For small hips : If you have small hips and want to show more volume in your body so that your hips can attract attention, do not hesitate to wear a jean with pockets.

  • For short stature : In order to feel and look slimmer, it is advisable to choose high-waisted pants. Thus, the effects of your waist and hips will be more suitable.

With the selection of trendy Zara jeans and each of these tips, you will surely be able to choose the best options on the market and improve your appearance through these garments that are essential in anyone's closet.