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Zendaya showed us the best looks of 2021

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Zendaya showed us the best looks of 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
The mask he wore to the premiere of Spider-man: No Way Home was the cherry on the cake for his elegant and flawless look.

One of the best Spider-Man movies was released almost 2 weeks ago, and every fan of the mythical superhero spider created by the long-awaited Stan Lee, screamed seeing each distinctive design within the film.

In real life, the one who surprised us with her designs alluding to each villain in Spider-Man: No Way Home, was the actress Zendaya, at the premiere of the film by Malven Studios in collaboration with Sony Pictures.

The 25-year-old girl captivated with costumes inspired by each of the 6 sinister, that is, the 6 arch-enemies of the arachnid hero, and we are all delighted. Do you want to see more? Swipe to continue with this note of pure arachnid fashion.

Zendaya showed us the best looks of 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
Zendaya captivates with her outfit

Zendaya captivates in every event she participates

Her slender body, with long legs and a small bust have caused a sensation, placing her physiognomy, although not being the favorite at the time, in a new fascination, it shows a very beautiful distinction between fashion design and body architecture.

The participation and the multiple opportunities that Zendaya has had to show us her presence in the galas with designs that make her the favorite of the night, comes from the fact that she is one of the most critically acclaimed young actresses.

This girl has not stopped working and offering us multifaceted roles, and with not only that to offer, she works hard and thinks very well about her clothes to give what she is wearing more value than the money itself.

Zendaya showed us the best looks of 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
Promotional poster for Spider-man: No Way Home

Dresses worn during the premiere of Spiderman: No Way Home

This variety of styles not only came in the form of simple clothes and other more elegant ones, it also came with hairstyles, make up, and we know that an incredible team of experts was behind this beautiful result in every interview and event that Zendaya attended for the latest spider-man movie.

The actress began with the use of clothes inspired by the archenemies of Spider-Man in the last appearances for the press where she asked questions about the film, and the most tense question for a long time: "Tobey and Andrew appear in the film?"

In each of these opportunities, Zendaya's outfits looked exquisite, but her gestures due to the constant pressure on the answer to that question, not so much.

6 sinister: inspiration

If you are not a big fan of the world of Spider-Man, do not worry, for this note we will only need to explain the most essential, and that is that the sinister six are the most powerful enemies of Spider-Man in each of his three sagas.

These are: Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Sadman, Venom, Lizardman, and Electro.

All coupled in a design publicized by Tom Holland co-star, current wearer of the Marvel and Sony Spider-Man costume. The fans were also participants in this search for meanings in the artist's clothing, since as a fan we are always aware of everything related to the story.

Zendaya showed us the best looks of 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
Spider-Man group interview


During the group interview with Zendaya and her companions in the film, Tom Holland in the role of Spider-Man and Jacob Batalon in the character of Ned Leeds, who is the best friend of both stars in the film world who has already obtained a 97% audience acceptance.

Zendaya is shown with a relaxed and somewhat beachy look, completely dressed in a beige color similar to burnt sand, a long dress that with that fishnet top of the same color shines with the complete look.

His style in its entirety fits perfectly with all the other accessories, to become Sandman or Sandman, who appeared in Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man saga, in his last film as a star.

Zendaya showed us the best looks of 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
Gala event before the most anticipated premiere

Lizard Man

The villain who mutated to return his lost hand with reptilian genes, and therefore became a large humanoid lizard in The Amaizing Spider-Man, starring Andrew Garfield, could not be seen in this dress worn by Zendaya during an event gala before the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

A moss green color, with a tight fabric that goes from the neck to the navel, lets us appreciate those modeled cuts much more so that the figure of the artist looks much more curvy, and then we delight in those long falls with loose fabric and with much mobility, creating the illusion of a reptile's tail.

Meanwhile, the turtleneck and bronze earrings are the amazing accessories that impress us in this look.

Zendaya showed us the best looks of 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
On the red carpet of the golden ball, she offered us the garment that gave us something to talk about that night, in addition to being confused with the singer Dua Lipa

Doctor octopus

Tom Holland and Zendaya attended this event, and they showed themselves as what they are, the couple of the moment, to together witness the delivery of the most important award for footballers from around the world: the golden ball, won by Argentine Leonel Messi on November 29 for the seventh time.

This dress is a design from 2002 made by Cavalli, but Zendaya modified the piece in the part of the deep back neckline to look like the metallic tentacles of Doctor Octopus, a villain from the Tobey Maguire saga.

On this occasion, although her boyfriend and she were confused by one of the local media, with the singer Dua Lipa and the fictional character of Harry Potter, on the red carpet it did not matter, because everyone was amazed at the incredible design that the American actress had.

Zendaya showed us the best looks of 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
A suit with bold colors in one of the promotional interviews in the UK

Green Goblin

One of the most iconic villains in the Spider-Man universe could not be missing from this list, the Green Goblin was seen in the first live-action spider-man movie in 2002, his place before the critics makes him the best villain in the universe of the arachnid hero, for the role brought to life by actor Willem Dafoe.

Zendaya couldn't miss the opportunity on "The Graham Norton Show", the major UK show, to show off this elegant suit in the colors of the green goblin.

Trousers and blazer in a bright and dark green color, to continue with a shirt in a purplish tone that accentuates his skin color, to culminate with a loose and completely smooth mane.

Zendaya showed us the best looks of 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
Zendaya's golden sweater resembling the villain Electro


In another promotional interview with her work team, Zendaya wore this very incandescent gold sweater; There is no doubt that it is a clear nod to the villain Electro, who tormented actor Andrew Garfield in his latest film as the friendly neighbor Spider-Man.

In her full look she is jovial and relaxed, where the denim pants to her protruding white shirt and the collected hair give all the attention to the beautiful sweater.

An outfit that many girls will copy, especially in this winter time, and of course, New Years.

Zendaya showed us the best looks of 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
In London the actress showed us this look that represented Venom


A blazer two or three sizes larger than Zendaya, accompanied by shiny chains and dark stockings with the same details, such as haute couture cobwebs, give us a clear allusion to the villain Venom, a gelatinous alien who greatly tormented Maguire's Spider-Man.

Zendaya also accompanied this outfit with some cobweb earrings that after seeing them, more than one will want the same ones, while her style is a sober and dark makeup that brings that vibe of jet-colored evil.

Zendaya showed us the best looks of 2021 – Fashion – WebMediums
Zendaya's iconic look

The last dress on this list has become the most iconic look for the artist, at least for this moment; We are talking about a Valentino confection with transparencies and a sweet provocation that has enchanted fashion critics.

Zendaya's prominent front neckline and mask to allude to Tobey Maguire's black Spider-Man costume in his third film is a total "yes" of acceptance for the astonishing actress with a distinct flair for fashion.

We are sincerely excited about new productions from Zendaya, and clearly we are waiting for more of her good fashion sense for the next important events that will bring her, for now these designs that we have just shown you will remain in the registry of the best looks of 2021.