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Useful Netflix extensions for Chrome

Guzmán Leal
5 min read
Useful Netflix extensions for Chrome – Free Code – WebMediums
Extensions make Netflix more useful.

Streaming services have come to completely replace traditional television. It is practically due to the fact that they give us the ability to access any cinematographic content immediately, especially our favorite titles.

One of the most popular is Netflix, which laid the foundations for what would be the different streaming platforms that exist today. Such is the case of Disney +, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, to mention the most prominent.

One of the great advantages that Netflix has is that it can be used from different devices, one of them being our computer. From there, beyond the great interface of the application and the facilities it provides, we can even add Chrome extensions for other functions.

What kind of extensions can be used in Chrome for Netflix?

Essentially, extensions are extra features that can be added to Google Chrome utilities.

They can also be considered as programs whose main objective is to provide us with better efficiency and performance in carrying out any type of activity.

Therefore, it is not surprising to find that Netflix has extensions that improve its performance when used through Chrome. It should be noted that, just as this streaming service benefits from these programs, there are also endless extensions of all kinds.

In this specific case, we will detail which are the most used and popular extensions that give us a better experience within Netflix.

Netflix party

Through the popular streaming service we have the ability, together with this extension, to be able to view any title with our friends.

Useful Netflix extensions for Chrome – Free Code – WebMediums
Netflix Party is one of the most used extensions.

Everything, through a link generated when we enter through the extension that allows us to share it with our friends. In this way, they will only have to enter the link so that the content is synchronized on all the screens.

One of the advantages is that it incorporates a chat on its right side in which we can comment on any aspect of the content that we visualize. It should be noted that each of the members must have the extension installed.

Enhancer for Netflix

The little that can be blamed for Netflix is the large amount of blocked or hidden content that it has, which depends on the geographical location. Through Enhancer, a Chrome extension, users will be able to access the hidden titles of the platform.

In other words, it is a great help to break any type of barrier that exists to reach the hidden content, and to be able to enjoy it.

On the other hand, it also adds the possibility of seeing the historical scores that any title that is published within IMDb has obtained. In this way, we can know the criticism regarding the content that we will see to have an idea about it.

Never ending for Netflix

It is one of the most used extensions due to its simple operation, which provides us with functions that make a difference. What it allows is to be able to view the content without any interruptions.

In other words, it takes care of advancing to the next episode automatically. Also, it allows us to omit the opening as well as the credits of any title.

Useful Netflix extensions for Chrome – Free Code – WebMediums
Chrome hosts endless extensions to use on Netflix.

Although it is a function that we can already find within the same streaming platform, to activate it we must press a button. Indeed, thanks to this extension we can program it to activate automatically.

Trim: IMDb ratings

One of the best ways to know in advance if a title is good or not is through the reviews and ratings it has.

In this sense, IMDb is one of the most used pages to learn about the reputation of a title, be it series or movie. Therefore, thanks to this extension, it will be enough to locate ourselves on the content and press the icon of the page.

As an addition, it incorporates a chat in which we can give our own evaluations regarding any title. A plus is that we can share it with our friends or relatives who have the same extension.

Netflix Extended

One of the best ways to improve the user experience in any app is through automation. To do this, there are different applications and programs that take care of the keyboard configuration as a means to do so.

Indeed, Netflix Extended is an extension that will allow us to configure the buttons on our keyboard so that they work as shortcuts within the platform.

In this way, through a couple of buttons, we can control the playback of any content to our liking. Likewise, it can be used to increase or decrease volume, to advance to the next title, among other functions.

Video setting for Netflix

The famous streaming platform has a feature that automatically stabilizes the image quality that is displayed. In effect, it does so based on the person's Internet connection in order to avoid any kind of pause in playback.

Useful Netflix extensions for Chrome – Free Code – WebMediums
Adjusting video quality has never been so easy.

However, through this extension we can configure any aspect related to the image quality that the platform shows us. For example, we will have the power to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, among others, with the aim of adapting it to our preference.