Accusations arise against Activision Blizzard due to his harassed and misogynical behavior against his workers.

Alvaro Salazar
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Significant source articles reveal that activision Blizzard, head of games like overwatch, devil or World of Warcraft, has been sued due to labor harassment in which female representatives continuously experience lady behaviors, incoherent compensations and considerations, subtle the demand recorded by the department of Employment and fair housing of California.

A two-year exam led by the Office specifies that the organization oppressed its workers in pay and task, as well as in the conditions of internal advancement and cutting. In addition, it is affirmed that the administration of the organization did nothing against disparity and harassment.

Accusations arise against Activision Blizzard due to his harassed and misogynical behavior...

The female representatives, 20% of the absolute labor, supposedly experienced an "inescapable attitude of work environment" including "cubes racing" in which the male representatives "drink a lot of liquor while They are opened through different desktop areas in the workplace and often act inappropriately towards female representatives"

The organization also reports that male representatives delegate work in female representatives while playing with the computer, make sexual jokes and speak with transparency of issues such as aggression. Some of these workers say they have been discarded for indoor advances for fear that they will be pregnant, failed to get their children from the daycare or expelled from the breastfeeding rooms so that other associates could have a meeting.

Which incorporates the demand for the leaders of these companies

The demand also incorporates two explicit cases. While the first relates the affirmations of a developer of World of Warcraft in which it guarantees that representatives and directors beat it, they offered critical comments on the assault and took care of degrading behavior.

The second describes the case of the life of an own worker during a work excursion with his boss. This representative had been a victim of extraordinarily inappropriate behavior, including the broadcast of her naked photos through an organization's excursion group.

This is how the representatives of Activision Blizzard are expressed

Regarding your, Activision Blizzard has not been asked if you deny or not these statements, ensuring that it is a closed stage currently within the study. "We estimate the variety and strive to promote a work environment that offers incorporation for all. There is no place in our organization or in the industry, nor in any industry, for unfortunate sexual behaviors or for mistreatment of any type", a representative said. "We treat all claims seriously, and we examine all objections. In cases where unfortunate behaviors are included, measures are taken to resolve the issue"

In any case, the organization does not end up assuming all responsibility and throws a few gauges. "The DFEH incorporates erroneous, and often false representations, from the past of Blizzard. We have been incredibly useful with the DFEH all through its examination, the incorporation of giving them extensive information and extensive documentation, however, would not advise us what the issues they saw" the affirmation proceeded. "The image that paints the DFEH is not the work environment of Blizzard today" said the organization.

Accusations arise against Activision Blizzard due to his harassed and misogynical behavior...

Tragically, these cases of work environment and inappropriate behavior towards the ladies at their workplace are repeated in absolutely larger improvement studios in the business, such as CD Projekt Network, or ubisoft, although the demonstrations referred to in this claim to activision Blizzard could without much effort Be the most harmful lately.

The CEO of Activision reacts to those who affirm that it is not cooperating with the investigations

Another US government office is examining activision by cases of improper use.

While the United States Protection and Exchange Commission, an important Office of the National Government, has begun to explore the exercises of Activision on complaints of work environment and lascivious behavior and oppression female, the organization has given a public statement rejecting that it is obstructing the California Department of Employment Department (DFEH), which discovered the horrendous cases that had occurred in Blizzard in the course of the last years.

Accusations arise against Activision Blizzard due to his harassed and misogynical behavior...

Several sources, including the DFEH, ensure that activision Blizzard has been eliminating tests and records to frustrate the exam, something that the CEO of the organization, Bobby Kotick, it denies unequivocally: "We are deeply dedicated to making Activision Blizzard a truly exceptional and more complete work environment anywhere. Definitely, there is no place in our company for segregation, provocation or incoherent treatment of any type", guarantees the leader in the official statement.

"While we continue to work sincerely with the drivers to address and solve the previous problems, we also continue to advance with our own impulses to ensure that we are the best work environment. We remain focused on solving all problems directly and quickly"

Lately there have been several cases of harassment and segregation in a part of the largest business organizations, such as ubisoft, but the scale that has reached this case of Activision Blizzard Everyone surpasses them. The matter is excessively delicate to the point that even a division of the central government of the United States has had to start examining the organization.

This is how this controversial news affects the Activision Blizzard Stock Exchange

Activision Blizzard is in a bad time that also entails the fall of the shares in the stock exchange. The financial value of this significant enterprise in the Games market is racing abruptly. The accusations and demand have not yet been officially.

In spite of all these directors of Blizzard maintain their position and affirm that their offices are fully optimized for all the members of the company and there is no kind of aggression within its facilities. However, this is still being investigated by the Government of the United States.