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Fans have designed a remake of Silent Hill in Unreal Engine 5

Andy Vilchez
2 min read
Fans have designed a remake of Silent Hill in Unreal Engine 5
Silent Hill, one of the sagas most loved by lovers of suspense games.

Lovers of the Silent Hill series have been asking for a remake of the series for years. However, so far, Konami has shown no sign of interest in doing so. The company has been immersed in its other projects, such as the Castlevania NFT.

Recently it was learned that some fans were in charge of designing what would be a concept of what could become the remake of Silent Hill.

The video has been shared by Codeless Studio and shows what the game could be developed with Unreal Engine 5.

Concept video of what Silent Hill could be in Unreal Engine 5 made by Codeless Studio.

It is a fairly short video, but one that has undoubtedly moved fans of the saga a lot. The video has only four and a half minutes, but has made fans of the saga have been delighted.

In it, some of the most emblematic places of the game have been recreated and that will fill more than one with nostalgia.

Is it possible that we will see a new Silent Hill?

Fans have designed a remake of Silent Hill in Unreal Engine 5
Konami could have in mind a new installment for the saga.

So far, Konami has not decided what to do with the saga and that is that despite requests from fans, the company has not been clear about the future of the saga. Since 2020 when Konami opened an official Twitter account for the company we have not had any official information.

However, there are rumors that a new installment in the series could be in development. Unfortunately, until Konami does not give official information about it, they will only be rumors.

If these rumors are true, it is possible that during this 2022 we may know some type of information related to the saga.