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These are the best horror games for you to have nightmares

Alvaro Salazar
19 min read

It is nothing like the feeling of being chased while running for your life. Are you attracted to the possibility of your heart racing while running away from nasty animals? Isn't the intuition of a thriller enough for you? Do you really need to break a sweat?

These are the best horror games for you to have nightmares – Games
Best horror games

As technology and creativity have advanced, the best horror games have become progressively puzzling and amazing, and there is no shortage of decisions available today.

In this way, we have incorporated a list of titles that, in some way, will activate the adrenaline in your organic entity ; some focus more on activity, others on endurance.

However, each of them is designed for you to spend a decent and terrifying time in front of the screen.

The best horror games of today

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

We continue this review with one of the most puzzling computer games to date: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. This game was able to maintain the core of what makes Resident Evil extraordinary, but it completely turned it around by introducing it in the first person.

From the beginning, in fact, it may not seem like a Resident Evil game in any way.

The main scoundrels are transformed people who seem to be scarier than the usual zombies, as they are more acceptable.

There is a part around the brief impression in which you find a seat during dinner with the Baker family, one of the most vital instant scenes of the time. We won't screw it up, but it really sets the mood for the most exhilarating Resident Evil game to date.

And considering you're busy, we suggest playing it fully on PSVR. Being a first-person game, the alarms are significantly more extreme in this scenario.

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

Computer-generated reality can offer an absolutely incredible feel over common computer games, and The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is a shining illustration of that.

The leading single-player computer-generated simulation game focuses vigorously on the story, with the players affecting the outcome dependent on their decisions, highlighting both outward weapons and skirmish battle.

Set in New Orleans, it's an alternate take on the show or fun and has plenty of side substance for die-hard completists who spend hours on end completing every act of a game.

In any zombie game you appreciate, human survivors are just as dangerous, if not more so, than the walking dead, and this is certainly the situation in Saints and Sinners.

No one can be trusted and with plenty of options for most circumstances, it will be up to the players to choose the best way to move towards risk.

Resident Evil 2

With terrifying sound and an over-the-shoulder point of view like Resident Evil 4, Capcom made the activity feel scarier and more current, on account of the presence of cool weapons to find and use against zombies for the Mr. X himself.

Moving from the mansion of the primary game to the sprawling roads and structures of Raccoon City, Resident Evil 2 dramatically ups the ante with a stunt-filled excursion that throws Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield into the center of a perplexing fiasco.

The people they run into are often as dangerous as the tainted ones, and it gives more current players a glimpse of what to expect from the would-be teammates in the rest of the series. You can not trust anyone.

Metro Exodus

Equivalent to parts of "resistance" and "horror", the Metro series is one of the most chilling portraits of dystopian life, at whatever point it is found in computer games or in some other medium.

After an atomic conflict that left much of humanity dead, the hero Artyom and his companions search for another home away from savagery and trouble, but both are immediately taken in.

The third game, Metro Exodus, is especially puzzling with its depiction of monsters, man-eaters, and enlightened regions, which can kill men very quickly.

A major part of the alarms in Metro Exodus stem from the fear of running out of ammo while handling beasts. Ammo is in short supply, as are the channels you really want for your gas cover, and the enemies you experience go way beyond the tram frame.

Metro Exodus remains a safe game despite the repulsions you experience and is maintained thanks to immaculate storytelling. The characters don't look like cardboard patterns, so when one of them gets engaged or mugged, it feels genuine.


It is valid, Bloodborne is more popular for being a game of activity and pretense, however we cannot deny that the establishments of this current game are with unhealthy dread.

Animated by Gothic flair, Victorian engineering, and Lovecraft-style foes, Yharnam's universe is essentially baffling. Every time you separate a rival, be it a Goliath bug or a giant with skulls, blood splatters your screen.

The enigmatic story of this game puts you in a kind of bad dream that you can't wake up from.

The designers of Bloodborne, From Software, place adversaries in an exceptionally sharp way, which only motivates more dread. Rarely will you go more than an hour without an enemy suddenly popping up at you, giving you a little cardiovascular scene as you dodge assaults and shake off risk.

In any case, you generally won't have the option to flee, so the fear of regaining your lost "blood replays" and running into swarms of enemies again is just as perplexing as the Bloodborne universe itself.

Alan Wake

This is undoubtedly the best Remedy Entertainment game. Alan Wake is a very characterful mind horror game. You've likely seen this correlation before, but the game is exceptionally suggestive of the famous secret series Twin Peaks.

Alan Wake largely revolves around tracking down reality regarding the strange disappearance of Alan's better half Alice, however you will find satisfying interactivity and remarkable mood in this game.

Alan Wake has become a kind of religious game. It has a deep fan base that safeguards the title no matter what, even though it failed to break commercial records (despite selling several million duplicates).

Interestingly, Remedy's latest game, Control, is set in a universe similar to Alan Wake's. In fact, in August 2020 a downloadable substance was obtained that connected these two games.

Considering that Remedy has regained the privileges of Alan Wake (after Microsoft took over the IP) it is conceivable that we will see a sequel or perhaps a standalone game in this establishment.

At one point Remedy commented that they were working on a spin-off, although obviously it will not work.

Thinking about the new era of the control center that is coming, Alan Wake is the ideal contender to exploit the new team, either with another title or with first game remastered.

Layers of Fear

Bloober engineering team's unexpected 2016 indie hit, Layers of Fear, puts players in the job of a yearning painter who takes on his show.

The game takes place in a rich Victorian castle and sees the painter adding another layer to the artistic creation after the completion of each section. Completing the artwork quickly seems to be optional to the mental condition of the craftsman.

Throughout the primary individual experience, players are introduced to visualizations of their disturbing past. Reflecting PT's style, Layers of Fear's fundamental source of fear comes from continually evolving conditions.

A divider that was already unfilled has abruptly an entrance with an emission of light that passes through a break.

Although it is very possible that it is called a test system — since there is no immediate battle — players connect with objects to tackle puzzles and cause rooms to change.

From softening dividers to ever-changing renderings and bizarre appearances, Layers of Fear makes a splash throughout its short but wonderful excursion.

Outlive 2

Beyond its archetype, Outlast 2 is perhaps the most difficult game to digest on this list. The twisted and despicable circumstances throughout the game might even put off some, including the people who actually participate in the class.

Towards the beginning, writer Blake Langermann and his partner head to a remote area of Arizona, where the body of a pregnant woman has been disconcertingly found on the side of the road.

The reason for death is obscure, and it is a horrible idea that he passed away there. What starts out as an exam quickly turns into a battle for resistance.

Blake and Lynn attract the consideration of a neighborhood clique frenzied by sex and bad habits. As in Outlast, they cannot retaliate. Aside from a couple of quick time occasions, you just have to run and hide.

Plus, you have to do both right, except if you need Blake to experience a fierce and agonizing gait. Without delving into subtleties, we simply have to say that Outlast 2 is not suitable for dizzy or delicate players.

Dead space

Dead Space has been and continues to be exceptional, achieving the rare achievement of being an activity-depressed and deeply disturbing game all the time.

Delivered to general recognition in 2008, Dead Space remains arguably the most splendid gem of the Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 era.

The people who have recently intervened on the ship have transformed into amazing and destructive animals, called Necromorphs.

The game consists of dissecting these animals' appendix by appendix with innovative weapons and devices.

Either case, no one can tell when they will rise from the uncovered passages or crawl from the roof. The wrecked ship is loaded with pressurized air, and Isaac's depression increases his sense of fear.

Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 change slowly, giving more activity and less dread, but the phenomenal mix of activity and interest of the former makes it stand out as the most disconcerting game in the establishment.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Initially from Frictional Games, the group behind the Penumbra series, Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2010) laid a good foundation for itself as a unique brand of first-class scary experience games, making it a peculiarity among game designers fantasy and indie game fans.

Set in 1839, a young Londoner named Daniel is in Brennenburg Castle in Prussia.

He is confused, because he only knows his name and that he must frantically escape from something that is chasing him. His lack of memory, as indicated by a note he composed, was on purpose for his benefit.

Hence, begins the wandering experience that excites the bends of the road with each room that Daniel visits in the gigantic palace.

Along the way, Daniel experiences totally menacing animals called seekers, which — like other animals with sickly horror games — were once humans.

You can run away or get away from these terrifying creatures. Danger creeps in everywhere, but Amnesia is especially alarming when you think you are protected.

Unraveling the secret of Daniel's past and the royal palace is an excursion that will keep you awake for some time later, perhaps even after you've stopped playing.


Frictional Games have become the bosses when it comes to evoking the screams of players, so with their games it occupies two openings in this scrutiny.

In 2015, a framework named SOMA controlled a man — Simon Jarrett — who experienced a horrible brain injury from a car accident.

Accordingly, you agree to be essential to Mr. Munshi's exploratory examination to change the damage.

However, during his brain scan, Simon obviously passes out and wakes up in a sterile exploration office somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

To complicate matters further, it is the year 2104, just around a long time since his mental checkup. And what is more terrible, the entire human existence was wiped out by a comet the year before.

Feeling II, where he awakens, was the last in which human existence was protected. However, by all indications, he's alone, so... what is he about?

SOMA follows Frictional Games' custom of using a dark storyteller to incite an incredible and terrifying secret.

More than Amnesia, SOMA emphasizes mental morbidity, as each of the tenuous animals deals with some kind of passionate injury.

The game relies heavily on its air, which is further elevated by the voice stories, the composed notes, and its diminutive marine climate.

The game manages to get you into his reality and make you feel like you are living through Simon's deep invisible conflict. It is an alternate type of fear experience, one that clings to you and does not give up.

Silent Hill 2

The Silent Hill establishment is, along with Resident Evil, a pioneer of the class.

While the initial three Silent Hill games could be considered works of horror art, Silent Hill 2 outperforms the others. Although not an immediate substitute for the former, Silent Hill 2 revisits the grim town with a similar name.

James Sunderland's better half passed away three years earlier, or, in any case, that's what he believed. After receiving a letter asking him to meet her in a unique place (Silent Hill), he sets out on an excursion which takes many disturbing turns.

As James winds his way through the city, Silent Hill quickly turns into an enraged dreamscape, laden with beasts and haunting influences.

What makes Silent Hill games stand out — and especially Silent Hill 2 — are the mental components intended to change the psyche of the player.

In general, what James sees is essentially a semblance of his unfolding psyche. And considering that each of the games in this roundup deserves to be played at least a couple of times, Silent Hill 2 has an abundance of core themes, references to writing and cinema, and enough sub-text to make your later game be surprisingly better than the first.

Outsider: Isolation

Numerous players have an exceptionally serious love / scorn relationship with Outsider: Isolation. It is a deliberate, slow-paced sci-fi game that takes the rationale of concentrating on a lonely alien animal throughout its long experience, until the player feels astonishingly helpless and detached.

15 years after the first 1979 film, Amanda Ripley (Ellen Ripley's girl) is informed that the renowned Nostromo's flight recorder is on a remote space station.

Amanda decides to look for the tape recorder to hear her mother's last words before she kicks the bucket.

Over the course of nearly 20 hours of experience, Amanda will kill enemy people and robots, but here's the gist of the matter: Alien: Isolation really revolves around an outsider you can't kill, regardless of what you do or what you do the amount you need.

That stranger is amazing. You can actually run and hide, but you can be sure he will see you. What's more, no matter how much it devours you, you never get used to it destroying you.

Add to that a menacing setting that Ridley Scott himself would do well, and you'll see why Alien: Isolation is a great choice for the establishment.

The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 is one of the most outstanding open world games we have ever played. Much better than the first at every angle, it was one of the unexpected hits of 2017.

By the way, you venture into the skin of Sebastián Castellanos, an investigator who has apparently lost everything.

The moment he discovers that his young daughter might be alive, he returns to STEM, the gateway to a no-nonsense fantasy land brimming with shock and fear.

This time around, The Evil Within 2 delves deep into Sebastian's mind and the result is quite possibly the most ridiculously disturbing thrill ride.

In STEM, there are also external dangers, from anomalous creatures to corrupt managers, to a deranged photo artist who needs to show you all his gruesome manifestations.

Without ruining anything, The Evil Within 2 has one of the most jaw-dropping reveals in recent memory, one that is alarming and discouraging.

Believe it, The Evil Within 2 is not a lighthearted game, but it is compelling. Complete with an extraordinary weapon game, an accentuation on stamina, and a grim open world brimming with mysteries and panics, it deserves to be played, regardless of whether you didn't invest energy with the former.

Until Dawn

Drawn out of respect for slasher movies starring hapless young men, Till Dawn plays charmingly like a smart movie.

Set on Blackwood Mountain, eight young men climb the covered slopes for a hike. A year earlier, two sisters of one of the companions disappeared on that same mountain.

Normally things go back and forth quickly and the meeting ends in a frenzied circumstance with a frenzied and ruthless man chasing them and other strange monsters roaming the place.

In Until Dawn you adjust the point of view in each of its parts and put yourself in the shoes of each character.

An important part of the ongoing interaction is simply wandering around, but the player must make basic decisions that change the course of the story.

This expanding influence, referred to in the game as the "butterfly shock," has both small and huge results. Thus, you decide the completion of each of the characters.

Another intriguing technique — and one that will keep you very tense — is that sometimes you have to hold the regulator and leave it still for a couple of moments.

If you move, the enemy will detect you and respond in a totally annoying way.

Packed with alarms, messy exchanges, and incredible performances, Until Dawn is the kind of horror experience that begs to be played with a gathering of buddies.

Little nightmares

Little Nightmares makes the monotonous interactivity end up being wildly dazzling. It's a puzzle-laden horror title, where you have to spend most of your energy sneaking around.

The protagonist is Six, a young woman who ends up in the terrifying universe of The Maw, strange reserve transport.

During about five hours of experience you will have to guide Six through a progression of rooms in which you will locate terrible characters, capable of killing the young woman if they find the opportunity.

Each of Six's needs is something to eat, but this provides him with a difficult situation within Las Mauces.

The fear that this game entails has to do with the fear of being found. You must stay covered and possibly advance when you are in hiding, but in any case, when you think you are protected the dread to be achieved is available.

It is amazing how this game remains alarming in any case, when you know where the danger is.

This is flawlessly refined with huge visual and sound plan, plus a progression of everyone around putting pieces of information to listen to for a minute going to happen to Six assuming it's discovered. While Little Nightmares is not up to the measure of different games in this scrutiny, it suddenly creeps in overtime.


One of the most prominent fantasy games is a demo that, tragically, will never become a full game. However, despite that, it is significant that PT (Playable Teaser) is referenced in this summary.

This demo put you inside a melancholic house with a first-person point of view, where you needed to walk a couple of times through a hall similar to the entrance.

In any case, when you got to the end, they would take you back to the beginning of the corridor and every time you walked through it again there was something unusual in the weather, a sign on some article or even a hideous ghost lady that left you trapped in the ceiling out of panic. Just looking at it, would you say it's disconcerting?

The game was loaded with precarious puzzles that had to be broken, so players began sharing tips and tricks online to conquer them.

Truth be told, in one section it was important to talk to the amp to tackle a riddle. Everyone was talking about PT at the time.

This clever trailer came to PlayStation 4 starting in 2014, as a downloadable substance, and it guaranteed a lot. Upon completion of the demo, it was discovered what was in the background: PT was actually another game from the Silent Hill establishment.

This was being created by Hideo Kojima (creator of the Metal Gear adventure) with the joint effort of film director Guillermo del Toro and with the participation of Norman Reedus (who later appeared in Kojima's Death Stranding).

This left PT as one of the most innovative viral ad crusade games ever.

Instead of presenting the game with announcements, recordings, or banners, word got out basically getting the news out towards the end of the demo.


This game was the huge Twitch hit of 2020. Phasmaphobia puts you and your teammates on the job as soul trackers exploring haunted areas to free them from risky ghosts.

And considering that it is not the most surprising title on the outside, it was made by a lonely individual and what matters is the mechanics.

In addition, it is perfectly playable with a computer-generated simulation headset, and the ghosts in the game progressively respond to your voice. There is nothing like muttering the name of an apparition and having it react in-game.

In the game you have to collect signals using different devices that will allow you to catch the ghosts (while the real apparitions are chasing you).

And with you and your meeting figuring out how to deal with getting one, there's nothing left to do but start up and stowaway.

In this game there is no extraordinary story or anything like that, even if it is unexpected: you do it yourself while you play. Also, that can be perhaps significantly terrifying.

This list simply becomes the best information on horror games that you can find on the internet, without a doubt none of these games will leave you unsatisfied.

You will have a great time scaring yourself with these games and obviously that is what we are looking for in horror games. However, some push the limits and will leave you with horrible nightmares.