'Genshin Impact' It's a lucrative machine

In just one year it has produced 2 billion dollars without problems

Alvaro Salazar
3 min read

It seems that it was yesterday when it came out on sale 'Genshin Impact', the permitted game of MiHoyo.

The RPG Chinese came to all the scenarios and overwhelmed the world from the first second, demonstrating that games made in China are prepared to overcome the world.

It has been a year since that moment and the numbers represents themselves:' Genshin Impact' has been a total win.

'Genshin Impact' It's a lucrative machine – Games – WebMediums
Genshin Impact

The game showed its expectations from the beginning, producing 400 million euros in its first two months of life in iOS and Android.

Currently, one year ago and the figure is quite remarkable. According to sensor tower, 'GENSHIN IMPACT' has produced 2,000 million Dollars in income only in iOS and Android.

If we calculate it, 2,000 million in a Strong>Year are 5.5 million dollars a day.

It is not an excessive figure if we take into account that we are only talking about the income produced on portable platforms, which the game cost 100 million dollars in its creation and that the organization itself estimates that the plan of Annual expenses to continue with its development is 200 million dollars each year.

According to Cai hayu, leader of Mihoyo, to the Chinese distributor 16p (through VG247), the study has 2,400 Representatives, of which 700 work Only in ' Genshin Impact'.

It is a huge game basically. To top it off, the organization intends to provide another article every three or four years.

Going to your presentation on laptop, sensor tower affirms that it was the third game with greater profits at the universal level between September 28, 2020 (when it was dispatched) and the 27 September 2021. It is behind Titans of all kinds as 'honor of Kings' (One of the Moba More famous in China) and 'pubg', imposing 'Pokémon Go' and' ROBLOX'.

In its first year 'Ghensin Impact' managed to overcome in revenue 'Pokémon Go' and 'ROBLOX'

In addition, that does not include external stores, obviously. Sensor Tower only takes into account the income created through Google Play and App Store, however, ther don't look others stores besides Android in Chine.

In general, Google Play was the largest income spring of the title, representing 53.6% of income. The App Store represented the remaining 46.4%.

Taking out all in mind, it has been a decent year for "GENSHIN", a title that has been able to prevail the players thanks to their accessibility between scenarios and the game Crossed, as well as other things.