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GTA V still triumphing after a decade

Alvaro Salazar
2 min read

One cannot resist the urge to be stunned when taking a look at Nintendo's monetary results, with more than 90 million Nintendo Switches sold.

GTA V still triumphing after a decade – Games – WebMediums

In the same way that one has to rub one's eyes when perceiving how the selective establishments of the control center number in the many millions. In any case, on the cusp of the business is a practically brilliant work: GTA V.

Without a doubt, the jewel in the crown of Take-Two has taken stock with the latest monetary report of the organization and the figures are already ridiculous. Over 155 million units since its inception on September 17, 2013, rising to the incredible mark of the PS2 console, the highest-rated foundation in history.

This financially backed sample reflects information as of September 30, so 2,935 days have passed since GTA V was shipped. This is a normal 52,811 duplicates of Trevor, Franklin and Michael experiences sold each day. If we adjust it, it has reached a billion dollars in transactions faster than any other game in history.

However, there is no limit to your career. While a large chunk of the local area is requesting GTA VI, another more developed adaptation of GTA V is slated to land in March 2022 on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S.

What's more, GTA Online will also be delivered autonomously, continuing its general realization through more than 40 free updates. In total, the GTA series has passed the 355 million-unit-sold mark.

Not only did GTA V remain in the triumph

Lots of smiles and congratulations should get going at Take-Two workplaces. It's not simply GTA V that the organization flourishes with, as its title array is gigantic.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has sold 39 million units so far and the store is heading towards 62 million.

As for NBA 2K, each of its parts has accumulated 118 million in offers and comes together as the main adventure in the field of b-ball. Borderlands 3 maintains the great speed, bequeathing 14 million deals and 72 million for the entire series. BioShock marks 38 million deals between the trio of games, Sid Meier's Civilization surpasses 59 million and PGA TOUR 2K21 shines with 2.5 million.