Naughty Dog will reveal this weekend new content for The Last of Us

Alvaro Salazar
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Naughty dog will not take long to praise your best series, the last of US, this weekend. So far, the Californian study had not revealed anything about their preparations to celebrate it with fans. Obviously, it was not going to go unnoticed and Naughty Dog have recently advanced that the crashes has prepared.

Naughty Dog will reveal this weekend new content for The Last of Us
The Last of Us Part 2

Next Sunday, September 26, one year will be turned out from the beginning of the pandemic of Cordyceps within the game, which since the primary year in which the game appeared, the premises accept it as a holiday.

On this day, the establishment devotees not only offer an identified content with the game, screenshots, photographs, cosplays, crafts and something else, but that naughty dog It makes a move to be in contact with its followers and make some statements.

The Last of US, the adventure set in a disptopic future that irremediably fell in love with the fans of naughty dog, has its own holiday. The day of The Last of US will be held, as every year, on September 26 and will be full of news and news. This has been affirmed naughty dog(through VGC), whose responsible ones guarantee that it will be revealed totally new content about the last of us during the festival, although they have not indicated tracks Explicit about what we can anticipate.

Will we see the multiplayer of The Last of Us Part II?

During the day festival of The last of last year, certain new elements were introduced, for example, a free topic of PS4 and, surprisingly, a board game, although this year the new content could be quite more aggressive. First, it is important how the pilot scene of the series The Last of US was done with the recording towards the beginning of September, so there could be new images selected from this transformation surprisingly Realistic that will highlight Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller and Bella Ramsey as Ellie, despite the investment of Neil Druckmann.

On the other hand, the talks about the inescapable appearance of the multiplayer of The Last of US Part II have been buzzing enough time. Towards the end of August, naughty dog began to greatly use your new multiplayer title, which could be a completely independent game or the multiplayer that we will outline you. Said multiplayer could incorporate a Fight mode, something that would not be surprising considering the fame of the class lately. Finally, it may also be discovered the alleged renovation of The Last of US that would be presented only for PlayStation 5.

New line of outfits, homemade ornaments and guitars

Beyond theory about what could be displayed during the day of The Last of US, Naughty Dog shared through the blog of PlayStation Another line of attire entertainment for the suits that the game characters carry, as well as a wide range of items ranging from beautiful and extra objects for guitars.

The Last of Us Part 2 — Improved Performance Patch | PS5

"Despite the product below, we will be discovering all the new content on September 26 at 9:00 am pt / 6: 00 pm cet", composed Joshua Bradley, Creator of Exchanges In Naughty Dog.

The fans will trust that this present highlight of the weekend offers a first look at the postponement Multiplayer mode FACTIONS of The Last of US 2, which could have ventured to become a Complete independent title.

A history design for a potential The Last of US Part 3 has been effectively composed, however, it is not being developed at present, as indicated by the Co-Chair of Naughty dog and imaginative boss Neil Druckmann.

However, naughty dog is supposedly working in another version for PS5 of the first The Last of US.

Another possible discovery could be a first look at the imminent series Last of US of HBO. The variation, which is the first television program of PlayStation, is now recording in Alberta, Canada.