New Razer headsets and headphones for Xbox and PlayStation.

Alvaro Salazar
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Razer has presented four new technological devices, with options for the Microsoft and Sony, adjusted both tones and utility.

First, the kaira x is an amazing game atrial at zero cost, but with the essential components that players are looking for. Despite costing only $69.99, they include drivers RAZER 50 mm similar to those of the Triforce The most expensive models, with all the intention of acquiring a first class sound, a high and fresh tone and some bass "explosives" as indicated by razer.

New Razer headsets and headphones for Xbox and PlayStation. – Games

The receiver is essential for a decent gaming headset, and the kaira x includes razer hyperclear, an amplifier Adaptable mounted on the actual headset that incorporates the innovation of sound uptake so that only the voice is recorded.

The actual gadget interface through 3.5 mm minijack, and is along these viable lines with the consoles, but, in addition, with the pc and some phones Mobile It has two forms, one for xbox and another for playstation, but they are really indistinguishable; The main contrast are the nuances used.

In the kaira x for xbox, we can get it clearly, similar to the xbox seriess and xbox series x, individually; But, in addition, we can achieve it in the tonalities of the Authority Regulators of Microsoft:shock Blue, Press Network and Electric Volt.kaira x for playstation, in the meantime, it has a shading plan caused by the controller dualsense of thePlayStation 5. Everyone will be available from the September 26.

In the event that you have a console xbox, the new fast-loading dock may be of interest; It is equipped to load the new controls of microsoft as a whole, delivered with your most recent control center:xbox series x | S, xbox one and xbox elite series 1. To join the regulator, it uses an attractive coupling frame that allows you to start the fast load.

Accessibility of the new Razer Gaming Tools

It is accessible in six of the Xbox regulator tones: black, blue Shock, white robot, red pulse and volt Electric. Also, the stores of Microsoft will have a unique version of aqua(only in the United States at the moment). The load base of razer will be accessible as of September 26, with a price of 59.99 euros.

New Razer headsets and headphones for Xbox and PlayStation. – Games

Finally, razer has presented the blank shoots of a part of its best-known gadgets for xbox: the control Wolverine V2 and the headphones kaira and kaira pro. The two headphones are basically the same as the kaira for consoles, and both have availability of xbox wireless for The smallest spear imaginable in the games.

This is the most important thing you should know about these new controls and headphones

The important thing is that the kaira pro has also Bluetooth 5.0 to be associated with more gadgets. Both have adaptive padded pads for greater sole, and use drivers razer Triforce Titanium of 50 mm for greater solidity.

As for yours, the Wolverine v2 White Edition is equivalent to the regulator you informed Razer Recently and, consequently, it is distinguished by its buttons'Mecha-Contact'and its re-assignable switches that offer a more remarkable adaptability based on the game or our style. Its price will be of $119,99.