PlayStation 5 is updated with a function that everyone expected

Andy Vilchez
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PlayStation 5 is updated with a function that everyone expected

Great news for all users who have a PlayStation 5, from today, you can update your console. This is a new version that brings several improvements that players for a long time ago.

Since the launch of this console on November 12 last year, this console had only received a software update. From this September 15, Sony launched an update that was necessary. In it, some functions are included as the Audio in 3D, Improvements in the interface and The possibility of expanding internal storage.

Today, we are going to make a small review for these new features that brings with it. So, if you have not yet downloaded it, with this article we want to convince you to do so.

Possibility of expanding storage

PlayStation 5 is updated with a function that everyone expected

After they put them, they asked for all possible forms to be incorporated, they have finally done it. In this new system update you will allow you to add a SSD M.2 to expand the storage in the expansion slot. This will allow increase the storage of your PS5 to 4 TB. An option that is appreciated, especially in the version without slots for disks.

The process to add the extra storage to the console is necessary to open the console and the expansion slot is unscrew. This is not a process that is really complicated, however, it is likely that the average user does not dare to do so.

In any case, if you want to dare to do it for yourself, Sony has published a video in which this process explains in detail. This will greatly facilitate the installation process of this type of memoirs.

Audio in 3D is included on TV

PlayStation 5 is updated with a function that everyone expected

Another of the functions that have been added with this new update is that of the audio 3D on TV. This is a function that we already knew and that allows to obtain an enveloping sound while using helmets. However, Sony has wanted to go a step further and has made this function compatible with the speakers of the televisions.

This new option will allow calibration to be able to optimize audio to room space. This is ideal for those people who want to get the most of their televisions and do not want to be tied to helmets. While this function has not been the protagonist, the truth is that it is one of those details that we did not know we wanted, but we are going to use.

Other novelties included

Additionally, to what we have already mentioned, this new update also includes other developments among which the following stand out.

  1. Now you can customize the control center to sort and hide those functions that are not used.

  2. The Game Library will be displayed in a separate way and indicate if the version of the game that is installed is for PS5 or for PS4.

  3. The social options have been improved, with this, it seeks to further facilitate communication with your friends. Now you can see your connection status in a much more detailed way.

  4. PlayStation Now allow you to choose the resolution of the game, either 720p or 1080p. This, depending on the type of game you are playing.

  5. As for the application of PlayStation you have also received an update that allows you to play and control the console remotely by Wi-Fi. This option was already, but it was only possible to do it through mobile data.

The PlayStation 4 has also received its share

PlayStation 5 is updated with a function that everyone expected

In addition to the PS5, the PS4 has also received an update this September 15. To be more precise, there is the 9.0.0 and includes some news that can be interesting. Next, we will review them shortly.

  1. Now it will be possible to see the Trophies of the PS5 on PS4, this includes both the trophies and those of your friends.

  2. The group management has been modified by eliminating the own or abandoning those groups where there are people you have blocked.

  3. Also, the parental control has been improved, in the event that a minor requests to activate the communication options, the parents will receive a notification in the PlayStation application.

  4. In the same way, as it happens with the PS5, an option of remote game with Wi-Fi has been added. This will greatly facilitate the use of this function, since as it occurred in PS5, it was only enabled by mobile data.

  5. The function of enabling the Audio 3D in the speakers of the televisions has also been added. 6. Finally, but no less important, the expansion of internal storage using SSD discs will be allowed. In the same way, it was a function that many owners of a PS4 were asking.