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Red Dead Redemption: a game in the style of the old west

Sara Manaure
6 min read
Red Dead Redemption: a game in the style of the old west – Games – WebMediums

If you are an inveterate fan of video games and also of the old west that narrate in American cowboy movies, Red Dead Redemption is your best option. Since if it is about cowboys, the gameplay of Red Dead Redemption allows you to live at ease in this lifestyle.

In general, we have that Red Dead Redemption is a pleasant and fun game for fans of cowboys and the old west, with an easy and simple gameplay that allows the player to have a 100% real and immersive experience.

What to find in Red Dead Redemption?

Within the game you have the opportunity to interact as John Marston, a cowboy whose objective is to develop his skills within the game.

Since, despite being an open world game, the character cannot go out of the blue to do anything.

In this case, we have that although it can use weapons and tools for missions, it also has horses to move around the wide game map. Our player cannot swim because he is not endowed with this ability, therefore, if he goes very far into the rivers and lakes, he would die drowned.

As part of the pleasant story that the creators present to us, the player can be part of different situations that are found throughout the territory.

Situations ranging from encounters with public hangings, ambushes, requests for help from game characters. Even encounters with strange dangerous animal attacks and duels.

You can also witness criminal acts such as the entry of outlaws into the towns, shooting and scaring the locals, thus allowing the player to make the decision to eliminate them or not.

The latter is achieved by helping him in his reputation of fame and honor among the inhabitants.

How to get around in the game, and what are the types of transport?

Just as you have the opportunity to ride a horse or have a good duel with weapons, the basic leisure activities of the old west are not left out. These include everything from a game of poker to throwing the dice or throwing horseshoes.

We can even separate fights in the streets, go to a movie theater to watch silent movies, search for treasures or dedicate rewards to home.

If you want to move through the Red Dead Redemption map at a considerable speed, you must have a good horse.

These consist of different races or, failing that, have a stagecoach, a car or a railway, the latter being one of the fastest methods to go within the game.

The errands will transport our cowboy to any place as long as he is paying the established fee to take him to his destination.

Red Dead Redemption: a game in the style of the old west – Games – WebMediums

Systems of morality, honor and fame

They also present us with a moral system that is based on obtaining honor and fame, which go hand in hand, thus having the ability to obtain both positive and negative.

Positive honor can be achieved through activities or missions that make the character look good.

These range from capturing outlaws, saving innocents, winning duels, and many other actions that support positive honor. On the other hand, this honor can be negatively affected if bad deeds or actions are committed.

For example, robbing citizens or killing them for no apparent reason or motive, this is where the other part of the system, which is fame, begins to work.

Fame shows us how our cowboy will be seen by everyone else and the different reactions around him.

As the level of fame and honor rise, the more respected and needed our cowboy will be by the citizens, that is, the number of available missions will increase both for the well-being of our cowboy and that of the inhabitants.

How to get money and resources?

When it comes to making money, the setting of the video game and the era are so closely matched to the original narratives that the player can make money in the ways of the time.

This is by helping individuals who are in distress on the plains and gambling landscapes, placing bets on gambling in canteens and bars.

You can also do this by rummaging through and dispossessing the corpses of criminals who are killed on missions and ultimately performing secondary jobs.

These jobs range from being a night watchman or horse trainer, hunting animals and treating their skins and meat to trade with them in the villages.

However, there are also more direct methods, but sometimes they may not be simpler than those mentioned above. Said methods are the illegal ones, which would be robbing bank delegations or killing and robbing civilians.

Taking into account that this will directly affect the status of our cowboy, generating a debt that can be constantly accumulated with the authorities and losing honor and fame. If you need transportation and don't have money, you can use wild horses throughout the game.

This without danger of attracting the attention of the authorities, but if he took any of the means of transport by force, he would be committing a crime which he incurs in the aforementioned.

Hunting, combat and police situations within Red Dead Redemption

Within the game an endless number of hunting situations were added in which we can find creatures such as the grizzly bear, the uapiti and a puma, which can hunt each other and towards the player.


The shootings, fight scenes and combat in both the single and multiplayer versions use a third person system. Players can freely target a specific person or anywhere, take cover, and target any other type of objects without having to remove them.

Red Dead Redemption: a game in the style of the old west – Games – WebMediums
The hunt begins

Since when you need to capture a specimen alive you can make use of a lasso. Thanks to the new integrated systems "Dead Eye" and "bullet time", players can pre-plan or recreate a combat event.

Thus being able to target different parts of the enemy's body and different enemies at the same time. Executed shots simultaneously, allowing Marston to make bursts of shots at high speed when time runs out, achieving his objective.

Police actions

Police actions will be influenced by both morality, honor, and fame. If they carry out illicit acts such as murdering someone in front of witnesses, one of them will run to the nearest delegation, although Marston can murder or bribe this person.

If the murders occur near the police station, the “wanted” system will automatically be activated, thus giving way to a chase. In which Marston must escape the perimeter zone that will be reflected on the radar, if the crimes continue, the level of "wanted" will increase.

It can be said that it is an entertaining game that presents various activities that can be accomplished by promoting good character behavior. With the addition of money and memories, he will become more and more famous and obtain greater benefits.

Not counting the conflicts and different situations that may arise, it is a game to be played among several. You can even run competitions with well-known players to add to the fun. You certainly can't stop trying it.