Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League shows his first cover

Alvaro Salazar
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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League shows his first cover
Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Suicide Squad:kill the justice League is A computer game created by Rocksteady Studios, and transmitted by Warner Bros. Intelligent entertainment, for the scenarios of PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One one and Microsoft Windows Windows, The light of the comic group of DC Comics, suicide squad.

Warner Bros. Games and Rocksteady have revealed today the cover of suicide Squad: KillThe Justice League, a vital art where we can see the four main characters (Harley Quinn, deadshot, captain boomerang and king shark) that we will really want to control when The game of open world activities goes on sale at some point of 2022.

This image is not completely enlightening, but it allows us to imagine where the shots will go into this new task of the creators of the adventure Batman:Arkham. Basically we can see the weapons with which these four reprobes will tell in their main objective of chasing the superheroes of the Justice League, as recommended by its title.

We can also see a person configuration presumably closest to the real and not as specific as the one we find in the great first trailer and the person is Deadshot without his famous mask.

There will be more information on October 16 at DC Fandome.

Where we will see more information about Suicide Squad:kill the Justice League will be in the fandome 2021, which will take place 16 of October at 19: 00h(Spanish peninsular time). The descent of Rocksteady will not attend this occasion alone, but will be accompanied by the other significant venture of the universe DC Comics comics, Gotham Knight, whose key work was also shown in recent times as a sample of your support in this celebration.

So far everything we think about this new transformation of Rocksteady is that we will play in a crushed metropolis in which the doctor amanda Waller has discovered how Assume the responsibility of the personalities of the superheroes of the Justice League leading them to make their offering.

Some individuals of the meeting will appear in the game as focuses to chase, starting with superman and following others previously affirmed as the flash. The game will combine some styles, you will have extraordinary capabilities for each character and will also have an independent way, even though it will be focused on how useful.

Suicide Squad: kill the justice League will appear EN 2022 in PS5, Xbox Series X / S and pc. From this a great game is expected. According to remarkable sources, the game will have several types of playability in which we can have fun, in addition to this the graphics seem to be incredibly good. In spite of everything, it is not a game with an incredible story.

The game will be based on objectives that we must complete to bequeath a predictable ending. It may be a great game. Within this are added several references to the film with the title of suicide Squad which makes it an action game with a bit of comedy.