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15 useful Apps to cook like a chef

Enrique R
Enrique R
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From preparing good vegetarian dishes to taking advantage of the ingredients you have at home, these Apps are the best resource to cook like an expert.

15 useful Apps to cook like a chef – Gastronomy – WebMediums
With the best cooking Apps you no longer need old recipe books

Applications have proven to be a very useful resource to make our lives easier, we have good apps to learn or improve our skills in various areas, and the kitchen could not be the exception.

Knowing those secret tricks to give the perfect touch to a sauce, prepare a delicious cake, surprise your guests with interesting desserts or simply better organize your recipes, are elements within your reach thanks to the best 15 apps to learn to cook.

Apps have replaced grandma's old cookbook

In many families there are those old notebooks with hundreds of recipes from the grandmother, or an aunt who was a very good cook. These became sacred treatises with essential advice if we want to make a good apple pie or chicken soup.

But apps are the last stop on a long journey; From old cookbooks, most people interested in cooking later came across programs on television, where chefs showed step by step how to prepare various dishes.

Now, thanks to the arrival of applications, there is no need to have a TV in the kitchen or read long recipes, Apps give you the support you need at the moment, all from your mobile device.

The 15 best Apps to cook from home


A kitchen app designed in the style of a social network, whereby immediately creating an account we can see profiles of thousands of users, all of them constantly uploading images of their recipes and tips.

With images as the center of interaction, Youmiam has a remarkable resemblance to Instagram and according to the ratings of your posts, as well as the number of them, you can improve in the application and be more recommended.

2) BigOven

This application contains a wide variety of recipes, but BigOven stands out for a particular function, this cooking application can process up to 3 ingredients that you have on hand (designed to take advantage of leftovers), offering you many fun options to cook with these ingredients.

3) Timer+

Among the kitchen applications there are some with a key function such as a timer, Timer + stands out in this line, since it allows you to cook several dishes at the same time, with this App monitoring and warning you so that you do not run out of time and your food stays in its point.

4) Kitchen Units

There are circumstances in which we want to prepare a certain recipe, but when reviewing we only have a portion of the ingredients.

The KintchenUnits App helps you make a smaller cake, or a little less salad, by tailoring all the ingredients and overall preparation to what you have available. It works by readjusting the units or measures in the ingredients.

5) Tastemade

For users who prefer to have step-by-step explanation videos of thousands of recipes, Tastemade offers access to a selection of channels with users preparing dishes with a wide variety.

In addition, it has an algorithm that takes advantage of your searches to recommend dishes or cooking shows that you might be interested in.

Mixing cooking with lifestyle, this cooking app also gives you tips and tricks to improve your dishes and make the most of every ingredient you have.

15 useful Apps to cook like a chef – Gastronomy – WebMediums
Cooking Apps offer us interesting options for innovative recipes

6) Paprika

The strong point of this application is its comprehensiveness, with Paprika the user has in the same App a shopping list, alarms to use the timer (which you can set with bell sounds) or plan your meals at different times, with an interesting system that when browsing from the App will allow you to access recipes in thousands of spaces on the internet.

7) SideChef

Do you want to pamper your family with a special dish, but you don't know anything about cooking? SideChef is one of the best apps for learners. It is designed to explain, step by step and with supporting images, many simple recipes but with a great presentation and better flavor.

If the special gift is for you, to celebrate a work or personal achievement, you can also prepare a special dish with SideChef and enjoy your moment.

8) Yummly

Thousands of people around the world interact with this application that, like a social cooking network, will show you not only the preparation, but all recipes must include a photo of the final result, as well as the advice that the user considers important for a good recipe preparation.

9) Substitutions

It is one of the most useful applications when it comes to cooking. Occasionally a guest will state that they cannot eat a certain food due to diets or allergies, or they have not found everything they are looking for in the store, this implies not having the exact ingredients for their dish.

Substitution solves the problem, this paid App is designed to recommend the best substitute for any ingredient, seeking not to alter the essence of the dish, its good image and, above all, its good taste.

10) Hand pick

One of the challenges of cooking as a family is choosing a recipe. On the one hand, there are the available ingredients, on the other hand, there is the decision between thousands of options. How about leaving everything in the hands of the Handpick kitchen app ?

In this useful App we can add all the ingredients that we have on hand, receiving many recipes and ideas to prepare dishes with what you have. More than an assistant, this App is the indispensable guest for the family kitchen.

15 useful Apps to cook like a chef – Gastronomy – WebMediums
Cooking with the family is easier with these kitchen apps

11) Healthy Recipes

Healthy cooking is one of the best trends of the moment. Healthy Recipes is the ideal App if you want to take care of yourself without having to become completely vegan.

If you want to enjoy a veal dish, this App will provide you with the healthiest options to prepare a delicious recipe. Taking care of our diet is the basis of taking care of our body, if you want to make an effort without going to the extreme of becoming a vegetarian, Healthy Recipes is for you.

12) Green Kitchen

One of the preferred options for vegetarians, Green Kitchen shows thousands of 100% vegan recipe options, even avoiding the use of gluten. It has detailed photos of each step, with a step-by-step preparation guide and an alarm to ensure that cooking is perfect.

13)Forks Over Knives

Eating healthy is not at odds with having a delicious dish. This application is the best proof, since its main utility is to offer us options of appetizing dishes, preparations based on plants and algae that when you look at them, you will not believe that they are vegetarian.

If you want to get your family used to eating healthy, Forks Over Knives recipes are the best way to do it without major resistance.

14) Deliciouslyella

If you are a fitness lover and taking care of your body is your religion, you will love this application. Forget about refined sugars, reduce the consumption of meat or gluten and improve your performance to the maximum.

Your body is a temple and if you believe it, you should treat it as such, the recipes and tips in this App are the best way to do it.

15) Kitchen Stories

It is the kitchen App that we should all use. Not only does it have thousands of recipes that we can consult in its internal search engine.

Kitchen Stories has segmentation functions by dishes and even by countries or regions, so you can try preparing Asian food on one Sunday and French food the next.

The best thing about this app is that new recipes with interesting dishes, sauces and preparations from all over the world are constantly being added.