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A perfect drip cake for Valentine's Day

Stephany Sánchez
7 min read
A perfect drip cake for Valentine's Day – Gastronomy – WebMediums
Valentine's drip cake.

What better than giving a drip cake on Valentine's Day ? This is a delicious dessert with a biscuit of various colors and cream filling, with a delicious creamy dip.

Best of all, it is the ideal option to give as a special detail to the person you love. Therefore, below we will explain how to make it easily and in a few steps.

Valentine's drip cake ingredients

For the biscuits

  • 300 grams of unsalted butter and ointment at room temperature.

  • 300 grams of common white sugar.

  • One and a half tablespoons of vanilla essence.

  • 8 units of eggs.

  • 300 grams of ultrafine wheat flour.

  • Two tablespoons of baking powder.

  • Required amount of red paste dye.

For the cream cheese

  • 300 grams of unsalted butter and ointment at room temperature.

  • 300 grams of powdered sugar.

  • Two teaspoons of vanilla essence.

  • 670 grams of cream cheese at room temperature.

  • 12 grams of unflavored gelatin.

  • 60cc of water.

To assemble the drip

  • 100 ml of cream.

  • 175 grams of white chocolate.

    Steps for the preparation of the drip cake

To make the colored biscuits

  1. In a bowl add 300 grams of butter, followed by 300 grams of common white sugar to start beating everything with the help of an electric mixer until everything is integrated and a cream is formed.

  2. Pour a tablespoon and a half of vanilla essence, and then proceed to beat to integrate everything.

  3. Add the eggs one at a time while continuing to beat. In this step, you must add an egg, beat to integrate it and proceed to pour the other. In this way, you will ensure the stability of the cream.

  4. Sift 300 grams of ultrafine wheat flour, along with two tablespoons of baking powder. Add them to the bowl little by little while mixing with a palette to integrate it.

  5. Separate a little of the mixture on a plate and add a little of the red food coloring paste and beat to integrate it completely.

  6. Add a tablespoon of this red mixture to the rest of the preparation and beat until completely integrated. Pour a little of this preparation to a base of biscuit prepared with waxed paper.

  7. Add two tablespoons of the red mixture to the preparation and integrate completely. When you notice that it acquires a different color than the first, pour a part of it into another mold with waxed paper.

  8. Continue repeating this procedure from the previous step until you get four biscuits of four different colors, but all in a gradient way.

  9. Preheat an oven to 350°F (170°C) and bake the four biscuits there for 18 to 20 minutes. You'll know the biscuits are done when you stick a toothpick into them and it comes out dry and clean.

  10. Remove the biscuits from the oven and let them cool until it is time to assemble the drip cake.

A perfect drip cake for Valentine's Day – Gastronomy – WebMediums
Gradient biscuits ready to bake.

Preparation of cream cheese

  1. Pour the 300 grams of unsalted butter into a bowl and beat a little to make sure it's creamy.

  2. Add 300 grams of powdered sugar, previously sifted to the bowl and continue mixing until everything is integrated.

  3. Pour two tablespoons of vanilla essence and beat to integrate. When you notice that the vanilla has been integrated, add the 670 grams of tempered cream cheese and beat with the paddle.

  4. In a separate bowl, pour the 12 grams of unflavored gelatin into 60 cc of water and beat a little with the whisk. Take this mixture to activate, heating it in the microwave for 15 seconds.

  5. Once the gelatin is hot, whisk a little until it is integrated and then, take a little of the cheese cream preparation to add it to the bowl with the prepared gelatin.

  6. Beat a little to integrate and pour the entire mixture once it is tempered. Never add hot gelatin to the cheese cream mixture, you can cause the cream to gel and this can damage it.

  7. Mix a little and take this to the refrigerator in a container with a lid, for at least two hours so that the gelatin sets.

  8. After two hours, beat with the electric mixer to return the creaminess.

A perfect drip cake for Valentine's Day – Gastronomy – WebMediums
Preparation of cheese cream.

Preparation of white chocolate drip

  1. In a pot place the 100 cc of cream (cream cheese), and let it melt on the stove over medium heat.

  2. In a separate bowl, place 175 grams of white chocolate and microwave for a few minutes until very soft.

  3. When the cream starts to boil, immediately pour into the white chocolate and wait two minutes for it to melt a bit. After two minutes, beat everything with the help of some manual rods to integrate it.

  4. Put some of this mixture on a plate and add a little of the red food coloring. Mix until integrated and pour the mixture little by little into the drip to color it little by little until you get the tone you like.

A perfect drip cake for Valentine's Day – Gastronomy – WebMediums
Coloring the drip.

Assemble the cake

  1. Remove the first biscuit, the darkest from the mold and place it on the plate where you will present it. On top, place a layer of the cream and flatten a little.

  2. Immediately, unmold the second biscuit, the one that follows in tone or color and place it on top of the cream. Then, spread another layer of the cream on top of the cake.

  3. Unmold the third biscuit and place it on top of the cream layer, then cover it again with cream and flatten it.

  4. Place the last biscuit, but this time upside down and put them in the freezer for at least an hour so that the cake stabilizes.

A perfect drip cake for Valentine's Day – Gastronomy – WebMediums

Cover construction and decoration

  1. After an hour, remove the cake from the refrigerator and move the rest of the cream that you have left with the blender a little so that it is more easily manageable.

  2. Divide the cream into two parts and take a spoonful of the second part of the preparation and place it on a plate to add a little of the colored paste. Mix everything to integrate it.

  3. Take half a tablespoon of the preparation of the red cream and add it to the second half of the cream. Mix to integrate until you get the shade you like.

  4. With the pink mixture, cover the lower half on the sides of the cake.

  5. In the bowl where you had the mixture of cream with coloring, place another little white cream and mix a little. You will have a cream with a slightly pink tone and this mixture passes it through the second half of the sides of the cake but without smoothing the surface.

  6. At the end of the sides and almost reaching the surface, add a little white cream. Finally, on the upper part, cover with the white cream and with the help of a spatula, smooth the creams of different colors with the help of a ruler, forming a gradient.

  7. At the top and with the help of a spoon, pour the drip covering the surface and letting it fall on the edges.

  8. Place the remaining cream in a pastry bag with a star tip and make rosettes on the edges.

  9. If you like, on each rosette, place cookie hearts or jelly beans to decorate.

A perfect drip cake for Valentine's Day – Gastronomy – WebMediums
Decorating the drip cake.

The process of making the drip cake is very simple, but you must have a lot of patience, because the process is a bit long. However, we urge you to try doing it at home so you can surprise that special someone you love.