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Differences between pastry cream and crème anglaise

Sara Manaure
3 min read

In the world of confectionery, English creams and pastry creams are used to create the delicacies that you like so much. Surely you know how to prepare them to perfection, but you know what are the differences between pastry cream and crème anglaise?

Differences between pastry cream and crème anglaise – Gastronomy – WebMediums
English cream.

Take a pencil and paper for that do not miss the smallest detail and as soon as you can put this knowledge approved.

About the ingredients

This is perhaps the biggest difference between creams. The English cream is prepared with egg, milk and sugar, cooking until waiting. While the pastry cream has milk, egg, sugar, butter and cornstarch.

One similarity is that since it is made from milk, you can add a little flavoring herbs to give it flavor or even a little zest.

The color

One similarity is the color of both creams. Although they turn a little yellowish from the use of eggs or butter, when they are just cooked, the creams take on a whitish color.

It should be noted that, the pastry cream that has butter, shows a more intense shine than the English cream. If you place them side by side, you can tell the difference at first glance.

Differences between pastry cream and crème anglaise – Gastronomy – WebMediums
English cream filling.

Flavor and textures

Both the taste and the texture represent a difference between these creams. Regarding the flavor, although it has the same base, in the pastry cream you can feel the contribution of the butter, which disguises the flavor of the milk, while the English cream has a much more dairy flavor.

Now, regarding the texture, both are creamy, the pastry cream is usually much denser than the English cream, due to the application of cornstarch and the fat of the butter that help make it more solid.

Differences between pastry cream and crème anglaise – Gastronomy – WebMediums
Pastry cream to decorate.


We have reached the peak of knowing in which recipes it is good to apply which cream. Although it is possible that you have had a great result with the application of one cream where you were supposed to use the other, it is recommended from now on that you change it.

Remember that the properties of each cream applied to the right recipe will allow you to have a better result or in a simpler and faster way. Considering this, keep in mind that:

  • English cream is great in the preparation of mousses and ice cream. It even serves as the basis for the creation of the pastry cream.

  • While the pastry cream is usually accompanied by fruit flavors, it is the ideal combination for the desserts they make in pâtisseries to fill cakes and pastries. Even for the preparation of cold desserts it is very useful.

Also, it is usually used for other desserts where creamy layers must be created that hydrate and contrast with cakes and cakes, since it is a more stable cream.

With this information you can apply the appropriate cream according to the dessert you want to make. In addition, you can get many combinations that best suit the ingredients.

Now, prepare your recipes like a professional pastry chef. So that you will be surprised and delight everyone with the good results you will get.