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Fun and easy skewers to present

Sara Manaure
5 min read

When you think of quick snacks to prepare, the first thing that comes to mind are skewers that only require chopping and assembling with the help of toothpicks. The skewers will save you a lot of time.

If you have a busy schedule, but would like to do something different this year and give a little love in small snacks, this is a good opportunity.

Fun and easy skewers to present – Gastronomy – WebMediums

Then consider which of the following options is best suited to the event you have and your memories, so that you can provide everyone with a special apéritif.

Cheese skewers with ham

For these classic ham and cheese skewers you can look to whole ham and cheese. So that you can chop them into squares of 1 centimeter in diameter and serve for each person to take a portion with the help of a toothpick.

Fun and easy skewers to present – Gastronomy – WebMediums
Ham and Cheese Skewers

Another option is to order the whole cheese to chop the squares and the sliced ham. The fish markets are divided into three and joined into one. Now, click the three slices of ham, click a cheese, then the slices of ham and then the cheese and so on until about 3 cheeses are placed.

You can also consider, based on the previous idea, chop the ham in 4. Then click the 4 strips of ham, click a square of cheese and with the ham cover the cheese on all four sides and click to keep them. Repeat until you have lined about 3 cheeses.

Skewers of olives, prawn and cherry tomato

With these colors you would be giving a Christmas touch to the presentation. You will need cherry tomato, a little shrimp and green olives. Although you can use a common toothpick, it is currently fashionable to use bamboo toothpicks.

Cucumber and salmon skewers

Another very good option is to add some salmon, cream cheese and cucumber. Start by cleaning the cucumber, cut it into slices and then into triangles.

Now take the salmon and one on that sheet the cream cheese. And cutting strips of at least 1 centimeter.

Then, with the cream cheese inwards, roll and with a skewer, insert these wheels with cucumber triangles. To present you have two options 1 is to place 2 pieces a salmon roll and a piece of cucumber, or you can place 4 to 5 pieces per skewer.

When you have chosen the shape, assemble all the skewers and place them on a plate or serving tray. Continue until finished with the ingredients. Then they are ready to eat.

Roll skewers

For these skewers you will need green olives, ham or bacon and cucumber with cream cheese.

Clean the cucumber well and cut slices along the cucumber with the help of the potato peeler, remove slices of ham into three parts or take a slice of bacon.

Fun and easy skewers to present – Gastronomy – WebMediums
Cucumber skewers

Now place the cucumber sheet, the cream cheese, the ham or bacon sheet. Put olive on the tip and roll the sheets together with the cream cheese. With the help of a toothpick, put everything together so that they remain in this shape.

You can well substitute green olives for pieces of Cherry tomato to give more color.

Potato and salmon skewers

Potato and salmon skewers call for potatoes, smoked salmon, salt and pepper.

For the preparation you need to parboil the potato with everything and skin with salt. Until they are tender, remove from the heat and let them cool.

Then, remove the skin from the potatoes and chop them into 6 parts. Then place a piece of potato on a toothpick and fold a slice of ham and close with another piece of potato. And ready! Repeat until all the ingredients are located.

Side dishes for the skewers

At the time of serving the skewers, depending on the elements that you have used, you may require a little sauce to pass the chosen combination. That is why in some cases it is recommended to put a little cream cheese.

Fun and easy skewers to present – Gastronomy – WebMediums
Skewers and Red Sauce

You can use a yogurt-based garlic cream, or you can choose to make a dill sauce like the one we are going to show you next.

Dill sauce

You will need for the dill sauce, 100 milliliters of milk, 1 tablespoon of mustard, 200 milliliters of liquid cream, 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise, salt and pepper.

You should then place the cream and milk and the finely chopped dill in a pot. Bring to the fire until the mixture reduces. At this point remove from heat, add mayonnaise and mustard. Mix until everything is well integrated and voilà! A delicious sauce to serve.

Considerations when preparing the skewers

  • You can prepare the skewers well in advance so that they are all ready, most of them are usually eaten cold, so there are no problems if you keep them in the fridge.

  • Bear in mind that many foods react to cold in the fridge and cause them to change color, so be sure to cover them with plastic wrap.

  • Do not forget in the cases of adding vegetables, even if you place them raw add a little salt and pepper so that by themselves they have a great flavor.

As you will see, these preparations will not take you long. Once the ingredients are chopped, the assembly is done in a matter of seconds and after a few minutes you will have several trays to present and share.

These inexpensive and easy-to-make recipes can be helped by the little ones in the house, since it is quite fun and fast to put together each skewer.

Dare to surprise everyone with these fun and easy to prepare skewers.