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Get to know the best recipes with avocado for dinner

Stephany Sánchez
6 min read
Get to know the best recipes with avocado for dinner – Gastronomy

During this season of the year, avocado recipes are a must. This is because during this time of year, with the avocado harvest, it is necessary to take advantage of them by eating them in various presentations, such as tuna and avocado recipes.

That is why, below, we will present you the best food recipes with avocado, including its ingredients and detailing the steps to follow for its preparation. Therefore, if you consider yourself an avocado fan, these are recipes that you should know.

Crispy Baked Avocado Recipe

Get to know the best recipes with avocado for dinner – Gastronomy
Crispy baked avocado.


  • A large avocado.

  • Salt to taste.

  • Breadcrumbs, amount needed.

  • dried oregano to taste

  • Egg.

  • Parmesan cheese powder, amount needed.

Steps for its preparation:

  1. First, preheat the oven to exactly 200 degrees Celsius.

  2. In a large bowl, add the Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs in equal parts, followed by a little salt to taste, oregano and a little pepper if you prefer. Mix all this and reserve.

  3. In a separate plate or bowl, beat an egg and set aside.

  4. Cut the avocado into thick slices, taking care to remove the skin and the seed afterwards.

  5. Pass each of the avocado slices first through the scrambled egg.

  6. Then dip the soaked scrambled egg slices in the reserved mixture from step 2.

  7. Place the battered avocado pieces on a tray previously prepared with baking paper and take it to the oven for 10 minutes.

Avocado recipe with bacon

Get to know the best recipes with avocado for dinner – Gastronomy
Avocado with bacon.


  • A large, ripe avocado.

  • A tablespoon of chipotle powder or any other spice of your choice.

  • 6 strips of bacon or bacon.

  • A quarter of brown sugar.

Steps for its preparation:

  1. Before starting the process, preheat the oven to 400º F and prepare the tray where you will bake, covering it with butter or aluminum foil as you have at home.

  2. Cut the avocado into strips or thick slices, also removing the skin and extracting the seed.

  3. Wrap each of the avocado slices with the bacon or bacon. In case you notice that they are too long, cut them and with the leftovers, wrap new slices of avocado.

  4. Top the bacon-wrapped avocado slices with the chipotle or spices of your choice. Likewise, spread a little of the brown sugar.

  5. Finally, take the slices to the oven and let them bake for 15 minutes or until you notice that the bacon begins to release its fat.

Tuna recipe with avocado

Get to know the best recipes with avocado for dinner – Gastronomy
Tuna with avocado.


  • Two medium and ripe avocados.

  • Salt to taste.

  • A purple onion.

  • Mayonnaise, amount needed.

  • A medium can of tuna.

  • a paprika

  • Coriander, amount needed.

  • A cucumber.

Steps for its preparation:

  1. Peel and cut all the vegetables mentioned above, leave them in a bowl and reserve.

  2. Peel and cut the onions, and then fry them in a pan with a little oil for at least two minutes. After two minutes add the pieces of cucumber and paprika. Let them fry for a few more minutes. Then remove from the pan.

  3. Sprinkle some salt on top and add the small pieces of avocado to the sauce.

  4. Remove the tuna from the can, mix with the avocado and return this mixture to the pan to fry for a couple of minutes.

  5. Finally, take the salad to a bowl, add mayonnaise to taste, rectify salt and serve immediately.

Avocado mayonnaise recipe

Get to know the best recipes with avocado for dinner – Gastronomy
Avocado mayonnaise.


  • Egg.

  • An avocado.

  • Sunflower oil, necessary amount.

  • The juice of one lemon.

  • Salt to taste.

Steps for its preparation:

  1. Crack the egg and pour it into the bottom of the blender. On top of this, pour the sunflower oil and a little salt to taste. Also add the lemon juice.

  2. Turn on the blender and let all the contents mix until it is completely integrated and you have a sauce with a thick consistency. Don't let the blender stop until the mayonnaise starts to emulsify.

  3. Once the mayonnaise is ready, pour it into a bowl and add the ripe avocado cut into pieces and without skin.

  4. With the help of a fork, mash the avocado and mix with the mayonnaise until you get the desired consistency. Another option is to mix it with a blender or hand mixer.

Avocado Chicken Salad Recipe

Get to know the best recipes with avocado for dinner – Gastronomy
Avocado salad with chicken.


  • A previously roasted chicken breast.

  • Salt and pepper to taste.

  • 20 cherries.

  • Coriander, amount needed.

  • Half cucumber.

  • Two tablespoons of mayonnaise.

  • Two medium avocados or one very large.

  • Four tablespoons of honey.

  • 150 grams of Greek yogurt.

Steps for its preparation:

  1. Cut the roasted chicken breast into small pieces or strips. Another option is to disassemble it if you like.

  2. Also cut the cucumber and avocado into medium pieces, remembering to remove the skin beforehand.

  3. Cut the cherries in half, not forgetting to remove the bone from the center.

  4. Add all the chopped ingredients to a large bowl.

  5. In a separate bowl mix the yogurt, honey and chopped cilantro to form a sauce. Also add the mayonnaise and also mix it to integrate it. When you notice that the sauce has emulsified it will be ready.

  6. Rectify the salt sauce and add salt and pepper to taste if necessary.

  7. Pour the sauce into the bowl with the salad or serve it in a container on the side so that diners add what they like.

Avocado Tortilla Sandwich Recipe

Get to know the best recipes with avocado for dinner – Gastronomy
Recipes with tuna and avocado


  • A sandwich bread.

  • Mayonnaise to taste (optional).

  • An egg made omelette.

  • Extra virgin olive oil.

  • Half avocado.

  • A tomato.

  • A roasted pepper.

  • Salt to taste.

  • The juice of half a lemon.

Steps for its preparation:

  1. Cut the avocado into thin strips and sprinkle them with the juice of half a lemon, then reserve them.

  2. Cut the tomato into slices and meanwhile, place the bread in a pan or toaster to cook a little.

  3. Once the bread is toasted, assemble your sandwich by cutting the bread in half and adding a little mayonnaise if you like.

  4. On top of the mayonnaise place the avocado strips and add a pinch of salt. Then, place the egg omelet, the tomato slices on top.

  5. Finally, add the roasted pepper cut into strips and close your bread.

As you may have noticed, there is a wide variety of avocado recipes that you can make at home for dinner. In this way, there will be no excuses not to take advantage of this avocado harvest season and enjoy these healthy and delicious dinners.