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How to choose a glass for each wine

Types and characteristics, to become an expert

Sara Manaure
5 min read
How to choose a glass for each wine – Gastronomy – WebMediums
Make the right choice for each glass

When having a celebration, it is normal to want to show off with a luxury tableware. For this reason I bring you some recommendations that will help you choose the glass for each wine.

Keep in mind that buying a whole tableware with different types of wine can be a good investment depending on the event you can hold. There are many options, products and materials available on the market.

How to choose a glass for each wine – Gastronomy – WebMediums
Characteristics of the glass for each wine

Some are usually very expensive and this is where quality, price and use must be evaluated. But don't worry if you just want to toast a special occasion. This information is for you.

This time I show you the types of glass for each common wine that exist and which ones to choose according to the occasion.

Characteristics of wine glasses

The first thing you should know are the general characteristics of a wine glass. They are between them:

  • They have a long stem that allows the glass to be easily taken without fear of falling.

  • You can have a round or straight goblet depending on the type of wine, which should not be taken by hand to prevent the liquor from heating up.

  • The calyx can also be flat giving the shape of a cut or elongated hold.

  • The base is the same size as the mouth of the chalice so that they can be planted without problem on the table.

  • They are usually made of crystal or glass. Regardless of the material, it is usually very fine and without engravings.

  • Its edge is straight. And its color is usually transparent to appreciate the color and texture of the wine.

How to choose a glass for each wine – Gastronomy – WebMediums
Types of glasses according to the wine

Types of wine glasses

Although there are many opinions in this regard, this classification can be limited to three types: glasses for sparkling wines, glasses for red wine and glasses for white wine.

Sparkling wine glass

These glasses are better known as the Flute type, that is, they are thin and elongated. This so that the same effect of the foam remains inside the cup.

Likewise, there are the Ponpadour glasses that look like a semicircle with a large rim. Like the Vintage, this is similar to the Ponpadour with a big edge, but its style is more of a trapeze.

Glass of red wine

The red wine glasses tend to have a wider rim than the flute type so that the wine is more content with oxygen. In addition, its chalice is round and elongated.

This is called Cebernet. As well as, the Pinot Noir similar to the Saurtenes, but with the shorter chalice, they are great options to drink red wine.

Glass of white wine

White wine glasses are usually similar to red wine glasses with respect to the chalice, but after the concavity of the glass it rises diagonally in a straight way. This type of glass is known as Saurtenes.

Similarly, there is the Tulip glass, which, as its name indicates, has a small rim, with a calyx that begins curved and becomes thinner when it reaches the stem.

The Chardonnay glass, which is very similar to red wine, but smaller, can be an excellent option.

In general, you can use two types of glasses that can be used interchangeably with any wine. And they are those of Burgundy that is wider and rounder and that of Bordeaux that tend to be longer and straighter.

On the other hand, you can look for the glass called Catavinos, they are usually used by professionals in the tasting of these liquors. This way, the wind you choose can be properly displayed in this glass.

How to get a glass of wine?

There are people who tend to take the glasses by the base either because their hand does not fit into the stem or they have enough balance.

You can do this by saying do clamp the base or three fingers, thumb and forefinger above and ring below the base.

How to choose a glass for each wine – Gastronomy – WebMediums
How to present the glasses on a table

For my part, I recommend that you take it by the stem with all three fingers. These are index, ring and thumb. The position that I indicate will give you ease and security of moving when developing in the meeting and when tasting the wine.

What to consider when buying a glass of wine?

When buying them an important consideration is to determine for what occasion you are going to use them. If you are going to have guests who are knowledgeable about the cause, it is recommended that you educate yourself a little more in the matter.

This will allow you to make a good selection and also evaluate the market offers in terms of quantity and quality.

If, on the other hand, you are not going to participate in a contest or offer a wine exhibition, it is not necessary to take so many forecasts.

You can then choose any of the general options that will undoubtedly go well.

Even if it has a special engraving or shape on the stem up to a particular color in this area you can buy them well. The type of wine you drink the most. Total are for your taste and enjoyment.

Choosing a glass of wine can be a bit tricky for the less connoisseur. However, with these recommendations you can easily make your choice and celebrate that special occasion with a toast without forgetting the right glass of wine.