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How to prepare Dalgonas cookies?

Sara Manaure
5 min read

In one of the most exciting and captivating series of the moment, such as “the squid game”, some interesting cookies that are part of South Korean culture were shown.

And it is that the little ones used to play to try to obtain the figure that is marked on the surface without breaking the cookie.

This interesting challenge is a game that can be played with friends from the comfort of your home or for a children's gathering. These South Korean cookies are quick to prepare and if you dare to meet this challenge it would be interesting to know how to prepare them.

How to prepare Dalgonas cookies? – Gastronomy – WebMediums
South Korean Cookies Dalgonas

You will surely have an interesting time that you will never forget in the company of your friends. Dare to be part of this fun challenge and learn how to prepare Dalgonas cookies in this quick recipe.


  • Oil,

  • 50 grams of Sugar,

  • Sulphurous paper,

  • 2 grams of Bicarbonate,

  • Shape cutters.

Step by step of to prepare dalgon cookies

Before starting you must bear in mind that the cookies must be prepared hot to obtain the desired effect, otherwise it will be more difficult to work them. For this reason it is necessary to have all the ingredients on hand before starting.

1. The first thing is to place the sugar either in a pan or in a pot that allows you to melt it without sticking.

You must make constant movements to avoid adhesions and that it acquires a bitter taste.

2. When the sugar is well melted and has taken a caramel color, add the bicarbonate.

You must make quick movements to join the sugar with the baking soda, since it tends to foam.

3. Now, what follows is to place the parchment paper on a surface.

4. On this we add portions of the mixture with a good separation from each other.

5. Next, flatten them quickly until they are about 5 millimeters thick.

How to prepare Dalgonas cookies? – Gastronomy – WebMediums

You can make a smooth cylindrical container. Grease it a little with oil so that it does not stick on the surface or, failing that, place another layer of paper and flatten with the container.

If you chose the second option , you should remove the paper as soon as you flatten it so that it does not stick.

6. With the dough still hot, use the cutters or pastry molds to make the shape on the surface of the cookie. Grease the mold to avoid adhesions, remember that the cut should not be complete.

7. If you want, to give a more neat touch as in “the squid game”, you can shape the cookie itself into a circle. Help yourself with a mold of the appropriate size and do not forget to grease.

Now let it cool and that's it! Some Dalgonas cookies in a few minutes to play and enjoy.

Do not forget to distribute with a toothpick or needle so that they can play this fun challenge. Remember that the idea is to get the figure without breaking the cookie.

This recipe is for about 3 or 4 cookies depending on the size you choose, from there you can double the recipe and make as many as you want.

Tricks for some yummy Dalgonas

• Due to the speed of preparation and the short time between the heat of the mixture and its cooling, I recommend doing them in parts. In other words, prepare 3 or 4 at a time so that they look good.

When you do them, you can combine your skills and you will lose the fear of preparation and decide whether to do 2 or 4 at a time.

You cannot substitute baking soda. Unlike what many people think, this one is totally edible. Just add the amount indicated so it is not bitter.

• The size or you choose. If your molds

They are small, take advantage to make a mini Dalgonas, if not make them about 8 centimeters more or less.

About Dalgonas cookies

How to prepare Dalgonas cookies? – Gastronomy – WebMediums
With the shapes you choose, mark your cookie.

This is a typical recipe from the streets of Korea. They can be found at any kiosk. If preparation is extremely simple.

Unlike other desserts, this one does not have honey, with only sugar and bicarbonate that achieves the ideal texture so that they are quick and easy to eat.

This sweet is usually given as a snack to children, who want to eat the surroundings and preserve the fat of the given figure. Usually the figure is a triangle, a star, an umbrella, and a square.

In fact, in the same establishments if you achieve the objective you can receive other gift Dalgonas or toy figures. Otherwise you will have lost.

This innocent game embodied in a macabre way within "the squid game" revived the childhood of millions of people and encouraged others to try them. Go ahead and make this simple and very entertaining dessert.

It can even help you liven up a celebration or simply give as a gift. If you achieve the right balance of ingredients, its flavor is great.