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How to understand beer and enjoy it in the process

Grecia De Flores
3 min read

In Spain, for more than 3000 years, beer has been present as a fundamental part in the bars and tables of many people. Which is why from 2012 craft beers became so popular, which began to enrich the panorama and thus open a world of possibilities of which many people are still unaware and therefore do not take full advantage of everything it can offer us..

So that you can set the tone with your friends and colleagues, we have prepared this small, but very nutritious post, with some important aspects and fundamentals, about beer, which will make you enjoy its textures, flavors and body even more.

Its production process helps to give it flavor and shape

The production of craft beer is an artistic activity, as well as a gastronomic one, in which a unique and special product is created. From the start of the beer production process until the moment it is tasted, it usually takes at least three to four weeks.

Part of the body and taste that the beer will have at its final point, will be granted by the choice of cereals, which are ground and the ground grain is taken, and then the process is taken to the cooking tank.

Once this process is completed, the liquid in this phase is called must and will be transferred to the filter tank, in order to separate it from the wet cereal, better known as bagasse.

Each of these processes and that they are complied with to the letter, will define in a powerful way the way in which the beer will taste.

How to understand beer and enjoy it in the process – Gastronomy – WebMediums

Craft beer Why are they getting popular?

For starters, each beer is unique, and craft beers are no exception. Each of these tends to have a different body and personality to which each person has a different reaction. Craft beers are made through a craft process in which noble raw materials such as cereal, water, yeast and hops are used, which are not pasteurized for the sole purpose of keeping their properties and flavor.

Which is better: craft or industrial beer?

Although these are two totally different products, they do not have competition between one and the other, since the emergence of microbreweries has helped have enriched the panorama in order to give it more life and variety. Regarding the manufacturing process, they do not differ at all from the microbrewery, since large industries have different processes, elements and materials which in one way or another make them unique. They are certainly different, but not better or worse, since there we can find the true variety.

In general, experts say that what is artisan, will always be authentic, robust and with greater personality. Commercial beers are generally pasteurized, while those that are created in an artisanal way are not pasteurized and evolve in a very different way.

One of the best ways to enter the ideal beer for you is by making a small tasting of them, so that you can differentiate each one and understand the way in which it plays with your palate.