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Peanut crowbars

Sara Manaure
3 min read

Some typical sweets of Mexico are the peanut crowns. This dessert reflects the typical Mexican roots in each bite, so if you are a lover of Mexican food, this dessert cannot be missing from your recipe book.

You can prepare it for any type of celebration and I guarantee that you will dazzle everyone. Learn the details in the following article.

A little history about peanut crowbars

Peanut crowbars – Gastronomy – WebMediums
Natural peanuts.

This recipe was prepared with a base of roasted and ground corn. Accompanied by a little oatmeal honey. Or well, it was until over time honey was replaced with sugar and instead of corn they began to use other cereals.

Walnuts, pumpkin seeds or, in our case, peanuts. It can be said that this preparation has the shape of an elongated candy made with various types of seeds, mainly peanuts.


  • 2 tablespoons of honey,

  • 2 cups of peanuts,

  • ½ cup of sugar,

  • ¼ cup of water,

  • 50 grams of piloncillo.

Manufacture of peanut crowns

1. Depending on the type of peanut you have bought, it may be necessary to start by peeling the peanuts. In other words, you must remove the shell that protects them.

If you want to buy them peeled to save time, keep in mind that these must come without salt.

2. In the case of piloncillo you should grate it before starting.

3. With everything ready, take a pot and add the sugar, the brown sugar with water and mix well.

4. Bring to high heat to incorporate the rest of the ingredients, without the peanuts.

5. Do not stop stirring and wait for it to cook until it turns a golden color and a very thick syrupy texture.

6. Prepare a tray with waxed paper.

Peanut crowbars – Gastronomy – WebMediums

7. Now, add the peanuts to the syrup and stir well.

8. Turn off and transfer to the prepared pan and place another sheet of waxed paper on top of the mixture.

9. With the help of a roller, take advantage of stretching to achieve a centimeter of thickness in the mixture.

10. Wait for it to cool and cut into edible pieces. And here it is! Some crowbars of peanuts to taste.

This sweet is great to compare meetings or to have prepared and give to the visit. Even to go on a pretty hectic day and eat a little sweet.

You choose the shape and place, so go ahead and prepare these sweet delicacies and always have a bundle up your sleeve for those unexpected cravings.