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Traditional French desserts

Sara Manaure
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Traditional French desserts – Gastronomy – WebMediums
Traditional French desserts

French food is a marvel, so in addition to teaching you the attributes of its gastronomy, today I want to show you what are those richest desserts that stand out in this country.

Let's see if you dare to make the homemade preparation of some of these magnificent traditional French desserts. I show you which are the most interesting, so that one day you will be encouraged to do them from home.

4 French desserts you must try sometime in your life

Crépes Salées Et Sucrées

Traditional French desserts – Gastronomy – WebMediums
Crépes Salées Et Sucrées

Originally from the North of France, these Crépes Salées Et Sucrées have become one of the favorite and most enjoyed dishes by the French throughout the country.

And it is because its versatility allows to make this a salty version to enjoy during dinners or breakfasts, accompanied by cheese, meat, mushroom, and vegetable sauces, among others. It is perfect to accompany it with a natural juice, or a glass of coffee.

Also in its sweet version you can accompany the snacks with a layer of chocolate, fruit syrup, ice cream, jams, among others.


Traditional French desserts – Gastronomy – WebMediums

Chestnut is a dessert from the Corsica island of France.

Its gastronomy is very particular, however these desserts have transcended throughout the country. It is usually consumed as a kind of polenta.

That is, like a kind of bread made with flour and salt water. The chestnut usually accompanies salty foods such as meats in main dishes.

This is a traditional French sweet that comes in a glazed form and is very popular at Christmas.


Traditional French desserts – Gastronomy – WebMediums
Plate of marons.

These famous macarons are one of the sweetest and most delicious desserts of all.

This preparation includes, among other things, almonds, sugar and egg whites.

This recipe includes a very tasty cream filling and various colors to make it very attractive to the eye. Its pleasant color and flavor make both the sight and the taste totally pleased.

Whether you eat them for snacks accompanied by a tea or a sparkling coffee, or after one of the main meals, their flavor is unmatched.


Traditional French desserts – Gastronomy – WebMediums

The typical aroma of Croissants in the oven awakens anyone's senses.

Although it falls into the category of sweets, this dish is one of the most requested to eat during breakfast accompanied by a delicious cup of coffee.

Some people fill these delicacies with cream, while others prefer with bacon and ham. There are even those who dare to innovate and mix ham with cream cheese to create a unique taste experience.

As you will see, these most delicious desserts in France, and for the result, it is worth daring and replicating the recipe.