World French Fries Day: know all about this tasty food

Grecia De Flores
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Every August 20, regardless of the day or time, the world day of fries is celebrated, this delicious and quite popular dish, is consumed on all the continents of the world, as well as being served in very various ways given the different Presentations and multiple accompaniments with which they are served.

The Pope became a favorite food for society for 7,000 years, in a main manner in the Andean region of South America, this element was accompanied by hundreds of ways. The pioneering countries in their cultivation are Bolivia and Peru, however, over the years, multiple variants have been discovered up to the point that it became a staple for many regions.

However, one of his most traditional presentations, is the one we see in fried pope canes, which comes from France and Belgium. Despite his divine, these countries do not agree to agree, on The authorship of this tasty companion, since even today, who was the country to discover it definitively.

World French Fries Day: know all about this tasty food – Gastronomy

In France, at the end of the eighteenth century, there were some sellers who had installed on the streets some street stations, endowed with pans and braziers, which were why they imposed on the Pont Neuf of Paris.

But on the other hand in Belgium, preparation of this food, has a little more process, since the fries pass through two important stages for to achieve its flavor and texture, One of these stages is with Oil and grease, which is why the procedure is recognized as a 100% discovery of your country. However, and beyond who has been responsible for this divine intention, it is known that its current presentation of golden and perfectly fried canes, is coming from Europe, although countries like the United States to perfect it to point to be recognized for their varieties and multiple ways of cooking them.

Fried potatoes all over the world and the most perfect finishes

According to each place in the world, the fries have different cuts, as well as sauces and some varied accompaniments which make it even more appetizing. If you go to a place in which you specialize in French fries, you just have to worry about choose the cut and the tastiest companions according to your taste.

For example in Canada, they are served as “Poutine”, and is recognized as one of the typical Canadian dishes, since it is the Typical fried potatoes only with a little more thickness, besides being mixed with grain cheese and are covered with a delicious thick sauce which call gravy.

The United States is famous for its fried dads that are covered in cheddar cheese sauce, as well as being presented as part of a full meal.

Returning to Europe, and locating them in the Netherlands, the Kapsalon is known as a dish based on fries, which is also considered as a very traditional dish. The potatoes on that occasion are presented in an aluminum tray, accompanied by fine leaves of lettuce, a little Gouda cheese, as well as cucumber and garlic sauce.

As you can see the way in which fries are prepared and served can be very varied in different parts of the world, however, this does not mean that they are not each excellent options to accompany a family meal or even a romantic exit.