1,435 people die in France in less than three months

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In the past in France, 15 thousand people died in a hot season during 2009. On this occasion, only 1435 people died, but the figures are still alarming. Since 2014, France began several prevention campaigns according to the high temperatures in summer and since then the death toll has decreased year after year.

1,435 people die in France in less than three months – Health – WebMediums

Deaths occur in more than 50% in people over 75 years of age. This is the population that is most affected by the months of June, July and part of August. In these months the temperature reaches 46ºC in the warmest areas of France, although a temperature of 42.6ºC was recorded in the capital during the month of July.

Despite the high death toll generated by the impact of heat, caused by climate change, cities take very little action to mitigate high temperatures.

The studies carried out in these cases always invite prevention. They ask people to be able to control their own temperature and not do physical or exertional activities.

Apparently, the death toll in 2013 is not a sign that this event may happen again. Cities do not take preventive measures, they are limited to television campaigns aimed at the population that least consumes this type of product.