Boyfriend suffering from cancer died a month after getting married

Fermín Gómez
2 min read

In Chile, a story full of courage, love and suffering was shown this Sunday in Channel 13, which aired a new episode of Against all odds, A program that shows cases of couples who do everything possible to get married, despite having everything against them.

Everyone could see the case of Ricardo and Valentina, who had the dream of getting married in the church. The biggest inconvenience they had been that he suffered from a very serious cancer, which caused a tumor in the spinal cord, and forced him to remain prostrate in his bed.

Boyfriend suffering from cancer died a month after getting married

The couple together Francisco Saavedra, driver of the program, they had to face all the possible obstacles to be able to move Ricardo from his bed and take him to the church. In the end, and despite all the problems, they succeeded thanks to the help of a medical team and a special chair.

Ricardo's parents did not support him, and even decided to stay out of everything that happened. They did not even participate in the marriage ceremony that took place a month ago.

Unfortunately, shortly after the wedding, what was inevitable happened: After a month of marriage, what Valentina was so afraid of happened. Ricardo, his great love, his life-long boyfriend, passed away, he explained. Francisco Saavedra.

The team of Against all odds. He accompanied the young man's wife throughout the process, and also returned to talk with her: It has been super hard, super terrible. I, instead of saying, that I love him less with the passing of days, is the other way around, Valentina explained, her voice very excited.

She was accompanied by her mother and together they received a tremendous surprise. Ricardo had prepared a special message for them, by the time he died. Through a video, he thanked them both and asked them to continue with their lives. It was a very emotional ending.