It is impossible to prevent spring from coming.

José Miguel Fernández Nápoles
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It is impossible to prevent spring from coming. – Health – WebMediums
Cycles are eternal

Outside the storm was raging. There was a hurricane of rapidly increasing magnitude, a mythological dragon that threatened to set the world ablaze and spit out jets of lava and fear.

The innocent birds flew desperately towards the forest, the deer and the hare fled as far as their feet allowed them and even the beasts looked for dens, where they could protect themselves.

The men were left with no more hiding places than drugs, the mysterious elixir of tele-garbage, the ads that numb the front of the brow, the strong emotions, like climbing Everest and the limitless connections to see parallel worlds, where the tenderness of the flowers was uprooted and the branches of the rose bushes were grafted with a word in another language, with the thumb up, like alms to a homeless person.

It is impossible to prevent spring from coming. – Health – WebMediums
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The great oblivion had taken over the cities and planted its flags on the highest peaks of understanding. And there were no great highways to enter a realm where there was no Alzheimer's, no adolescent dementia, but the paths were narrow and elusive, the gate was narrow, and the trust was low.

Without masks, the only one who dared to walk the streets was fear, lord and master of innocence, trying to enslave the divine with its ridiculous web of suffering.

And crying for the burden they have placed on her, about to lie down on the ground like the flame of Peru, when she perceives that the Indian does not consider her, freedom was carrying responsibility, instead of holding hands, anointing to the humans of the primordial right, the free will that God has given us.

It is impossible to prevent spring from coming. – Health – WebMediums
"On the way up into Colca Canyon you'll find these beauties all over the place." By Jessica Knowlden on Unsplash

A few rupees of breath remained in the bag, a few dry logs to stoke the fire on those lonely nights, looking up at the stars, to see if spaceships came from Orion with powerful chains to bind the ego and gag its endless chatter for millennia.

Until one morning, someone decided to go out into the country, just at the beginning of spring. The smells of wet earth penetrated those labyrinths of consciousness, the sounds of the wind tangled in the tops of the almond trees, the silhouette of the mountains in the distance and the gon of a bell began to spread through the land.

Faced with the joy of living, the vermin stampeded, the tranquility and tranquility were conquering square by square, heart by heart, and hope began to re-green in the pastures.

It is impossible to prevent spring from coming. – Health – WebMediums
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A miaja of goodness and a grain of compassion were added to the concert of the flowers, while a ray of light did the magic of the mirrors. Then men began to see in the eyes of their fellow men, the faint silhouette of their true face, the tenderness that covers the cells of our body began to take shape, they dusted off hospitality and patience. And the armies began to disintegrate on their own, in the absence of adversaries, forgiveness was appointed ambassador in more and more corners of the earth. and then little by little, loaded with love, spring was coming.