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Know the greatest benefits of oatmeal

Stephany Sánchez
5 min read
Know the greatest benefits of oatmeal – Health – WebMediums

Oatmeal is a very complete cereal that provides carbohydrates and proteins. Thanks to this, it offers a wide variety of benefits to the body. This is the reason why nutritionists recommend it to maintain a healthy diet.

Below we will explain what are the main properties of oats for the body. Likewise, we present the benefits of oatmeal with water on an empty stomach, as additional information for you to include in your regular diet.

Main benefits of oatmeal

Oatmeal provides a large amount of fiber to the body, minerals, proteins, copper, zinc, iron, magnesium, vitamins, B complex, folic acid, calcium, among others. Therefore, it offers the body the following benefits:

Contributes to weight loss

Oatmeal makes it possible to inhibit the sensation of hunger, as it is rich in carbohydrates. This causes food to be absorbed more slowly and as a consequence you feel fuller for longer.

An excellent way to take advantage of this benefit is eating it in the form of granola or hot for breakfast.

Control blood sugar

Oatmeal offers a large amount of beta-glucans, that is, soluble fiber, which forms a kind of gel in the stomach when you digest. Thanks to this, the stomach empties slowly and the absorption of sugar into the blood is delayed.

Therefore, oatmeal is recommended for people with insulin problems and diabetes.

control cholesterol

Just as beta glucans form a gel in the stomach that delays the absorption of food and reduces the sugar in food, it also lowers triglyceride levels. Likewise, it reduces the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol of the foods that you have consumed before or after eating the oatmeal.

Oatmeal is also rich in linoleic acid and omega-3, which is a type of healthy fat that fights bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol. However, it is recommended that this cereal be accompanied by some citrus fruit to enhance the properties explained above.

Oats also contain polyphenols which prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. In fact, this is an exclusive property of this cereal.

Rich in antioxidants

Oats are a cereal rich in avenanthramides, which are chemical substances that are present in one phenol group per molecule. The benefit of this is that it has antioxidant properties, that is, it delays cell oxidation.

Another of its great advantages is that this same substance regulates blood pressure and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Provides energy

The reason why oatmeal is better to consume in the morning is because they provide a large amount of energy in the body to carry out heavy or highly concentrated activities. In fact, this is especially recommended for athletes and lovers of fitness life.


Oats are considered probiotic, thanks to beta-glucans they ferment and act within the intestines. This implies that beta-glucans feed the good bacteria within the intestines, improving bacterial flora and overall microbiota health.

Promotes digestion

Oatmeal is one of the richest cereals in fiber, which is perfect for those who suffer from constipation. This is because the fiber in oats acts as an ally of intestinal transit, as it helps to digest food more easily.

prevents hypothyroidism

Oatmeal offers a large amount of iodine, which is a mineral that favors the functioning of the thyroid. In fact, it has been shown that if consumed frequently it is possible to prevent hypothyroidism.

Another of its benefits is that it has expectorant and mucolytic properties, being a great ally in cases of bronchitis or other similar lung diseases. In fact, if children are fed in early stages with it, it would prevent them from developing asthma.

favors tissues

Oat flakes provide a high biological value, because it provides 8 of the 9 essential amino acids that our body cannot produce by itself. These are combined with the basic nutrients that make up the muscles.

controls the nervous system

Oatmeal is one of the cereals with the highest concentration of B vitamins, which is known to help control the nervous system. In fact, thanks to it, it is possible to feel calmer after eating a little oatmeal.

feed the bones

Although it is a little known benefit of rolled oats, they offer a good proportion of calcium that feeds the bones. This prevents the bones from demineralizing and prevents diseases such as osteoporosis.

Helps maintain ideal weight

As mentioned before, oatmeal promotes a feeling of satiety, so you won't feel the need to eat constantly. This can influence the control of the intake of meals frequently and with it your weight will be maintained or reduced.

Increase your defenses

Oat flakes contain a high level of beta- glucan, which offer the body an immunomodulatory function. In other words, its consumption increases the resistance of our body to invading pathogens.

Benefits of oatmeal with water on an empty stomach

Consuming oats in different presentations such as tortillas, rolls, in atole, cold or hot, provides a large number of health benefits. However, consuming it in water while fasting provides even more benefits. Below we will briefly explain some of them:

  • It promotes weight loss and this is the main reason why it is usually consumed on an empty stomach.

  • It favors greater energy during the day, thanks to the large amount of vitamins and B complex that it provides.

  • It favors digestion during the day, thanks to the fiber it provides, improving intestinal transit.

  • Reduces cholesterol and sugar, due to the effect of beta-glucan in the body.

  • Lowers blood pressure, due to the effect of polyphenols.

The great benefits of oatmeal and why add it to your diet

As you may have noticed, the great properties of oats are reason enough to start including it in your constant diet. In addition, this is a versatile cereal that you can include in various dishes, such as breads, tortillas, among others.

Therefore, we urge you to try to include it in your diet and start enjoying the great benefits of oats.