Latest Advances in Thyroid Cancer Treatment

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Early detection of thyroid cancer allows mortality rates from this disease to decrease. Being one of the few cancers that does not metastasize to distant organs, the latest advances prove that this is a curable disease, in a high percentage.

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The way the thyroid cancer patient was followed has changed; as well as the way to care for him, but also how the tumors have evolved.

This is attributed to environmental conditions due to the high exposure to radiation in the world, among other factors.

Current thyroid cancer treatments

Previously, people with thyroid cancer had the same methodology applied; the only thing that was considered was that they suffered from this disease.

Currently, the attention is focused on a more personalized attention; where a series of family and personal factors is taken into account in order to then be able to indicate the methodology to be followed.

Among the innovations to treat this disease are:

Replacement therapy. By means of a pill, the patient with thyroid cancer will be able to increase the low levels of thyroid hormone by making use of an artificial treatment.

Radioiodine. It is a therapy that allows; once the radioactive iodine makes contact with the bloodstream, you destroy the cells of the thyroid gland. It is unlikely to affect other cells.

External radiation therapy. It is a precision technique, employing the use of x-rays or protons. High power bundles of energy are sent through a device to a specific part of the body.

Alcohol injection. As indicated, it is about injecting alcohol directly into the small tumors; For this, this treatment relies on ultrasound in order to achieve greater precision.

Targeted therapy. It relies on the use of drugs that work by specifically attacking cancer cells.