Lupus detected in Kim Kardashian

Suria Ibañez
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Once again diseases show us that it doesn't matter if you are a millionaire or are in extreme poverty, they do not forgive. Let's remember that a few years ago Selena Gomez was detected with Lupus, a disease that caused her some complications and even at some point she left the stages to treat it. This time Kim Kardashian tested positive for such a fearsome disease.

Lupus detected in Kim Kardashian – Health – WebMediums
Kim Kardashian

What is lupus?

But... What is Lupus? It is a disease that mostly attacks women, 90% of patients with this disease are women. This disease consists of the attack on the own tissues and organs affecting different parts of the body. Lupus primarily affects the kidneys, heart, lungs, skin, joints, brain, and blood.

Lupus has no cure, and it is not easy to diagnose as it is often confused with other diseases. However, there is no need to be alarmed because fortunately there are medications to control the disease.

Among the most noticeable symptoms are temperature, joint pain, pimples on the nose and cheeks, extremely delicate skin in sunlight, white or blue fingers and toes, chest pain, dry eyes, tiredness, pain head, among others.

The symptoms can develop little by little or simply appear suddenly, it is not possible to be sure if they will be mild or intense since it is a disease that varies from patient to patient. Although most patients tend to have severe symptoms and then these tend to disappear suddenly, it is not yet known for sure how they will react or develop.

For now, the beautiful Kim Kardashian, who is one of the richest women and belongs to one of the richest families in the world, will have to face this problem with courage.

Lupus detected in Kim Kardashian – Health – WebMediums
Kim Kardashian Lupus