Polio cases increase in Pakistan and Afghanistan

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Recently they began to know each other about false rumors that children are fainting, suffering alteration and even dying, after applying the polio vaccines. This has led the parents to reject the vaccinators, delaying campaigns to eradicate Polio disease.

Poliomyelitis is a highly spread disease. Currently, it is estimated that more than 17 billion dollars have cost humanity to contain this disease in recent years, but cases began to increase in Pakistan and Afghanistan because of parents.

Polio cases increase in Pakistan and Afghanistan – Health – WebMediums
Agence France
As of July 10, there were a total of 42 cases of poliomyelitis paralysis in the two countries. They comprise a single large outbreak, because most of the cases are in the tribal areas along the border, where local people cross easily from one side to the other. I report the nytimes.

During 2017, only 8 cases were reported. The worst of this situation is that during 2018 for this same date there were only 3 cases, for a total of 12 cases throughout the country for that year. Currently, there are 32 cases reported to date and WHO believes that they will increase exponentially in the coming weeks.

For every paralyzed victim, usually a child under the age of 5, there are 200 other people infected, and they eliminate the virus in their stools. By the World Health Organization.

Pakistan has cities without a sewerage system and other cities with open sewers, also has one of the worst potabilizations worldwide. To this is added that every day 20,000 Pakistani children are born on average, which requires a greater sanitary effort to eradicate any type of disease.

National elections last year temporarily diverted the program, as local officials were replaced, said Aziz Memon, head of the polio campaign of Rotary International in Pakistan.

Social networks and false information are responsible for sowing fear among villagers about the dangers of vaccination, this in order that people do not allow their children to be immunized. There is a strong tendency for not to use universal and western medicine, although this will cost the lives of its inhabitants.