Ranitidine is suspected of causing Cancer in people

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A big surprise was taken by researchers from the US Drug and Administration. When they found low levels of a cancer-causing chemical in a widely used drug like Ranitidine.

Ranitidine is suspected of causing Cancer in people – Health – WebMediums

Ranitidine is widely used in human and animal health

Ranitidine is used as an antacid, it also serves as an antihistamine. It is a widely used drug for various gastric as well as intestinal problems. Its sale is given by prescription, but it is available over the counter in many countries because it is considered harmless.

The chemical found is NDMA or dimethylnitrosamine. This causes cancer, but the amount found is minimal, although it exceeds in percentage terms that contained in dairy products, vegetables or meats on the current market.

However, there are people who use Ranitidine on a daily basis or made it a must-have for their gastrointestinal problems. Researchers have not warned that this drug should be avoided, but they do recommend changing it to another whenever your doctor recommends it.

At the moment, it is expected that the investigations advance and relate the number of cases where Ranitidine can become a danger to human health.