Studies claim that sex is good for preventing Parkinson's

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A new study on the sexual habits of people with Parkinson's, he showed that sexual activity helps to reduce the symptoms of the disease. The study was conducted on 238 men and 117 women, to determine that those who are sexually active face with a little fewer symptoms Parkinson's disease.

Studies claim that sex is good for preventing Parkinson's – Health
This is in line with the data showing a close relationship between sexual health and general health, both in healthy individuals and in patients with chronic diseases, said the Italian-British study team, led by Dr. Marina Picillo.

But, the study highlighted that the reduction of the disease as the decrease of symptoms of loss of motor skills, among others, it only manifested itself remarkably in men. Although the study highlighted that men were the most studied and that women suffer from Parkinson's in a different way than men, in addition to that very few women claimed to reach orgasm.

The sexual history of a patient could be considered as a tool to predict or even influence the progression of Parkinson's disease, said Picillo.

This finding is important because adds to a list of treatments that only change a little the state of the disease, but together they make Parkinson's more controllable and easier to carry. The Parkinson Foundation in the USA is one of the most active in the world and ensures that for by 2020 there will be at least 1 million Americans with this disease.

Although there is currently no cure or prevention known for Parkinson's, and the symptoms can be difficult to treat, this causes them to exist small advances in controlling Parkinson's.