How to send my website to Google

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Google has changed the way it had to send new sites to your search engine.

Formerly google had a form to send a url to google that you can see here, but this form has stopped working since google now requires that you are within its platform and only the owner can send your own website or someone who have control of the website.

Now if you have a new web site that you have to do in order to google your website and start being indexed by the google crawler, what you need is to do the following steps.

How to send my website to Google – How To – WebMediums
Photo by 377053 on Pixabay

Step 1: Create an account in search console.

Step 2: Once inside the search console you will have to go to the section above on the left in the new search console and click on Add Property.

Step 3: I will ask you to validate that you are the owner of said website in different ways, the easiest way is uploading a file that they will provide you and once uploaded to carry out the verification.

Following these three simple steps and Google will know your site and in a short period of time will start to appear in your browser, it seems that Google is wanting to avoid spam or for some other reason have decided to remove the anonymous urls to your browser, let's hope that this entry has been helpful for those who start in this world of SEO, blogs and their journey on the Internet.