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How to use WhatsApp from your PC without having the cell phone nearby?

Glendy Narea
3 min read
How to use WhatsApp from your PC without having the cell phone nearby?
WhatsApp Web is a tool that simplifies the communication and work life of its users

The world of messaging has a king who dominates this area, and he is none other than WhatsApp, which since it came to light has not stopped growing and innovating to keep its users happy and faithful to its functions.

That is why today you will learn how to use one of its star tools: the web version, without having your phone nearby.

The location of your cell phone is not a problem to use WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp every day becomes more excellent in terms of all the services it offers, and its users know it.

For this reason, they repeatedly asked for the PC version to make a substantial change in terms of its functionality, since it could only be used if the phone linked to the WhatsApp account was turned on and connected to the Internet.

Many users referred to Telegram. Messaging application that can be used without having the cell phone nearby and even if it is turned off.

I teach you a trick to use your WhatsApp web without your device being close or on

You must first have the latest version of WhatsApp on your mobile phone. This can be found in the Google Play Store if you have Android or in the App Store if you use an iPhone.

When you have your updated version, you must open the options panel that is located in the upper corner (three points). There you look within the categories for the phrase "Linked Devices" and enter.

If you have an iPhone, you should go to "Settings" and look for "Linked Devices" as well.

Once you open this option, you go to the lower area and there will be the option to join the Meta version.

This will give you input so that you can enjoy some improvements that the developers are making to optimize all the functions of the web version.

You can immediately join. After reading the usage agreements, of course, and voilà, you'll be able to pair devices and use them even if they're far away or turned off.

WhatsApp's growth after being bought by Meta

This tool is a genius of WhatsApp. And it is that since the owners opened the option to use their messaging from the computer, it simplified and made life happy for many.

This attracted many users interested in improving their work and communication processes, thus generating great growth.

At the end of 2021, the WhatsApp application was bought by Meta (which was previously Facebook). Since then its popularity and growth has been increasing.

The stickers and stories were another plus that this platform gave its users, who were immediately very receptive and dynamic with this, making it grow rapidly.