Best digital marketing tools

Irene de Espinoza
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These are the best digital marketing tools that you should know to plan the content of social networks and websites. They are ideal for responding to audiences, creating and editing images, or producing audiovisual content.

Best digital marketing tools – Marketings – WebMediums
The best of marketing for you.

Why are digital marketing tools important?

To carry out a good, or perhaps, excellent management of social networks, or web pages, much more than simple content management is required. The reality is that good marketing involves study, analysis, programs in action and measurement of results.

We can make references to applications, PC programs, work equipment and more. However, today we show you the popular and easy-to-use ones so you can start managing the brand you want.

main digital marketing tools

Main marketing tools for content planning

For many people who are dedicated to generating content through social networks and web pages, it is important to know that they must manage their publications in an organized manner.

For this, certain tools and applications are needed that will help to facilitate and speed up the work when creating new content. We show you the most effective apps in terms of content planning.


An application that will help you manage your social networks. An app that is growing in functionality and popularity. You can schedule content in advance and find out what's working on social media.

Best digital marketing tools – Marketings – WebMediums
The favorite of experts in digital marketing.

You can also integrate the tools you already know and like into Hootsuite, such as: Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, among others. You can find new customers by joining conversations around your brand.

It allows you to automatically share your most popular posts to a larger audience. Create and publish content that everyone will love.

Keep track of current and social trends. Create interesting posts using different text fonts and business images.

Best digital marketing tools – Marketings – WebMediums
Plan and schedule your content.

Review the results of your social media activity in one easy-to-understand report. Undoubtedly your best option for your digital content on the networks.


An ideal app for post-production of content, that is, when you have your content ready, this is the step you cannot miss. It is about being able to preview your content before uploading it to social networks.

Best digital marketing tools – Marketings – WebMediums
Organize your material to publish with days and hours of publication.

Why is it so important to organize the material and preview it before uploading it to Instagram? First, because we know that this social network is very visual and that is why it is essential that the feed has harmony and visual balance.

Another valuable factor is that this way you can plan your material and be constant in the publications. The digital content that we are going to share should not be improvised and must be done strategically, which is why Preview is an essential app for the content creation process.


Good app to run creative stories, especially if you are going to promote a product or service. Mojo is very easy to use because it already has preset templates.

This app allows you to choose a design according to the social network of the video format that you are going to make and they already have the measurements of each one. There are also the minimalist or trendy templates classified by categories depending on what you need. You can have photos, digital frames, headers, cutouts and more.

Best digital marketing tools – Marketings – WebMediums
Tools for creative stories at your fingertips.

A wide variety of categories and templates so you can choose the one that best suits your brand. Their only drawback is that not all of them are free and some are paid.

However, it doesn't detract from it being a good application to plan your content on the networks and you can do it very quickly.

Digital Marketing tools for design

Social networks have become a fundamental means of communication for your customers to get to know your brand or company better. Therefore, we must give the best image of our company or promote our client's brand in the best way.

In digital marketing there are no excuses, because we have incredible design tools that can help us even when we are not really experts.

Best digital marketing tools – Marketings – WebMediums
Design plays a fundamental role in the world of marketing.

Poster Maker

It's a great tool to turn a regular post into a creative poster in seconds. This is an all in one app, it offers more than 100 backgrounds and custom size options in different ratios.

Best digital marketing tools – Marketings – WebMediums
Attract customers with excellent posters.

Share your own poster design on social media with easy options, let everyone know about your work. Poster Maker is an easy to use app, sand the background you need in the proportions you need, add text using poster design fonts.

We can also add stickers (specially selected for creating posters), gallery images and create the perfect poster for your posts.

Flyer Maker

A very good application with a lot of free functions to make personalized flyers. It is a great alternative to many other similar applications, depending on the use that we give it, we can create something different and it is really easy to use.

Best digital marketing tools – Marketings – WebMediums
Produce original Flyers from scratch.

It has already established templates in which we only have to edit them, add or remove elements, put texts, a logo, among other things.

It has many options and categories to make different types of flyers, depending on the taste of each person. Although it is free, sometimes advertising cuts appear that we can count as a disadvantage.

We can say that it is an excellent tool that will help us with our publications and present something striking and interesting to the public.


One of the most used applications and is available in app stores. It works to generate content and best of all, it shows you templates depending on which social network you want to create your content for.

You can work designs for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even to produce YouTube covers, it will help you create logos, invitations, some notices, resumes and much more.

Best digital marketing tools – Marketings – WebMediums
Its popularity made it a useful tool in digital commerce.

This app provides us with different images, but some are licensed. You can access it very easily and it allows you to import images from your cell phone gallery, which makes it faster to make a design and you take the photos yourself, you can even add your logo or add stickers.

Surely this app will make things much easier for you to manage your digital marketing.

Marketing tools for precise video editing

As we have said, digital marketing covers a large space in digital media and of course in advertising and brand positioning in social networks.

On this occasion it is important to emphasize that photo and video editing programs are extremely necessary. Leading the networks of a model, influencer, business, foundation or any institution deserves the creation of audiovisual content.

It is always essential to give the best result, therefore the publications must be made with excellence.

Best digital marketing tools – Marketings – WebMediums
Audiovisual content helps build customer loyalty.


This app is dedicated to video editing, here you can easily edit them in different formats. That is, either for the size you require on Instagram, for stories, for the size of Facebook, for YouTube or TikTok and among other platforms.

Best digital marketing tools – Marketings – WebMediums
Retouch images that you want to publish in a simple way from your mobile.

Once you open this app, it will give you the option to import your videos from your cell phone, it will allow you to add your recorded voice and it has preset music or you can also add the music of your choice.

You can also download and add stickers, images, certain fonts to your videos. But if you rehearse in this app, little by little you will improve in video editing.


You have noticed in different social networks that there are some very nice photos that are seen in close-up or in portrait mode that seem to have been taken by a professional camera, because this application will allow you to create a photo with this effect.

It makes the photo look more optimal and suitable for publications and capture the attention of users.

Best digital marketing tools – Marketings – WebMediums

The only detail to take into account is that this application is only available for iPhones or cell phones with an iOS system.


With this app you can generate different designs based on the images you already have on your phone. Here you can add different stickers and you can even download some wallpapers and add a phrase, or whatever you want. It is a matter of investigating all the options offered by this tool.

Best digital marketing tools – Marketings – WebMediums

Here you can also do different effects to your photos, create templates and video editing (although this is only in the premium account). It offers you different tools that as you use it, you will discover the potential of this app for digital marketing.

Ideal tools for marketing on web pages

Ideally, all content produced can get great results. In other words, we seek greater reach and loyalty within social networks.

RD Station

This is one of the most practical options to carry out a positioning optimization through the common search engines. It is based on SEO improvement techniques and a pleasant customer experience on the website.

In content marketing, this tool can be of great help and improve the templates for Email Marketing, in addition to optimizing the reach of social networks.

Best digital marketing tools – Marketings – WebMediums

Landing Pages

If you have some knowledge in digital marketing, you will know how effective these work tools are. A Landing Page represents the perfect place where users will arrive to become potential customers.

It is in your hands to offer the best content and make the user experience so pleasant that they make the call to action and register effectively in it.

Best digital marketing tools – Marketings – WebMediums

Remember that obtaining their data will help you retain them through email marketing.

SEO on your website

Depending on the CMS you use for the website, you will have to specify some plugins that are very necessary when we talk about SEO. We can easily create creative content, however, by following some parameters we will be able to position it and obtain better results.

Campaign analysis platforms in digital marketing

These platforms are tools from which we can take great advantage. These are sites that will help us specifically measure the results of the campaigns we carry out.

Best digital marketing tools – Marketings – WebMediums
Learning to measure results will be very simple.

Google Analytics is one of the most used tools by marketing professionals. This is due to the interesting functions it has to help us measure results. We talk about traffic, type of audience, behavior on the site and much more.

There are still many tools from which we can take great advantage, however, to begin with, these will be quite useful. The world of marketing has room for everyone, we just have to focus and do it in the best way.