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Importance of CRO and SEO in a digital marketing strategy

Enrique R
Enrique R
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They are two key elements for a web project to be successful, and we explain how to make the most of them.

It is not necessary to know about digital marketing to understand that, in essence, the success of an undertaking depends on attracting customers and selling your product to them. This can be understood in many ways, with various meanings or interpretations, but it is the basis of any business that works correctly.

Entering the area of digital marketing, we find that there are two elements that define well the specialized work to optimize these two factors, they are CRO and SEO, essential for the success of your venture, and we will explain why.

SEO and CRO equals Attract and Sell

If we work with digital marketing, we will end up understanding this almost as a mantra. SEO revolves around all the techniques, tools and programs that help improve the positioning of a site in search engines. The CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), seeks to convert these visits into what implies direct benefits in your project.

Importance of CRO and SEO in a digital marketing strategy – Marketings

What does a strategy based on the CRO pursue?

This depends on what you want to earn in your web project and even if that strategy applies to a tactical objective.

If, for example, you are in a phase of your project in which you focus on adding 2,000 subscribers by mail, the CRO strategy can revolve around it, although later you propose another step to start monetizing, which would imply a new strategy.

The CRO depends largely on SEO, because to convert visits into conversions, registrations, purchases, affiliations, first you have to have those visits and this is where SEO intervenes. Let's see a little more about that relationship between CRO and SEO.

Importance of CRO and SEO in a digital marketing strategy – Marketings

Optimizing your web project with digital marketing

There are many levels of optimization of a project, at the level of the "physical" structure of the site, we will have the work of programmers and designers, topics that even benefit the positioning such as optimizing the loading speed, but that go through an expert in web development, because positioning is much more than content.

But to work on the aforementioned aspects, SEO and CRO share several points:

— Both are strengthened and feed back with campaigns or strategies on social networks, forums and other digital spaces.

  • Customer service is key, there must always be accounts to meet and attend to demands or complaints from users.

  • The previous work of analysis of the niche to work is decisive. Market segmentation will allow the design of strategies in both elements to attract and convince people with a certain profile.

Some SEO tactics will not work for the CRO

It is very important to understand it if we want to advise or work in the area of digital marketing.

There are campaigns for any type of project that we can imagine and some may benefit in positioning with one type of campaign, but they will not obtain good benefits in conversion rate with it.

A classic example of the previous case is the face-to-face seminars.

There is a large market dedicated to offering training courses, meditation and many other topics, with great demand depending on the name and level shown by the academy or specialists who dictate them, these manage to gather hundreds of interested parties in centers rented for said courses, and they can move more than a million dollars in each event.

The positioning work can be developed at various levels, including global positioning to promote the event, but the CRO will focus on those who are really potential clients, this is reduced to a certain geographical area and a profile where people have a certain economic capacity.

Importance of CRO and SEO in a digital marketing strategy – Marketings

Social networks facilitate CRO

Many networks have a segmentation that allows reinforcing a strategy aimed at conversion, by locating the profiles that you know may be interested in your product, you can get the advertising to 1,000 or 100,000 people, with the assurance that within the percentage they do click and visit your site, a valuable proportion will acquire your product.

SEO also depends on CRO

Yes, that is why it is said that they are complementary. To optimize the conversions of the visits we need visits, that is obvious, but there are many situations where the analysis of the conversions will dictate the SEO strategy to follow to improve our profits.

In a case that occurs frequently, a website can have 150 well positioned articles but when analyzing the conversion rate, we discover that our sales or conversions occur around only 50 articles, it is these articles that attract 100% of who then buy, register or give us direct benefits for our product.

What does the CRO tell us to do?

Reconfigure the SEO strategy and work now with more articles within the specific theme of those 50.

If our site is for leather boots and only the 50 entries that talk about red leather boots generate income for us, we have to prepare new entries for red leather boots.

At this point, any mortal without knowing about marketing understands it as something normal and that is right, if we apply it to a grocery store this corresponds to reviewing the inventory and seeing which product had the most output in the month, to buy more than that product or similar variants for next month.

In this case we work with web traffic and conversions, the CRO analysis is necessary because it will also show us other specific details about that audience that represents the conversions.

Importance of CRO and SEO in a digital marketing strategy – Marketings

In summary, we can ensure that by correctly combining SEO and CRO we will be not only optimizing results, but also the use of human resources, capital, space on our web platform, everything is worked efficiently thanks to an effort directed in a way very specific to obtaining the benefit that the project seeks.