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Sales funnel: do you know how it works?

Guzmán Leal
5 min read
Sales funnel: do you know how it works? – Marketings – WebMediums
Know everything about the sales funnel.

Today there are many ways to attract customers, the sales funnel being one of the most used for planning and achieving goals. Its presence within marketing strategies is no coincidence, as it offers great benefits in recruitment.

For the success of this method, it is essential that the company knows its Buyer persona, so that they can plan the strategy based on their interests. Then, along the way, it will be complemented by other strategies. But for now, let's learn more about the sales funnel.

What is a sales funnel?

Also known as sales funnels, it is a set of strategies and stages that a user goes through from acquisition to conversion.

Specifically, the objective of the funnel is to graphically represent the process that a potential client must go through until they are confirmed with a conversion. The latter can be from a registration or from making a sale of a company product.

In addition, marketing funnels are the main means that allow them to get to know their users more directly.

In this sense, they can define up to what stage a person is interested in the company's service, allowing redefine the strategies to achieve the final objective.

What are the stages of a sales funnel?

The representation of the funnel is divided into three parts, which are the beginning (TOFU), the middle (MOFU) and the end (BOFU). Let's see what each one consists of.

Top of the funnel – Beginning of the tunnel

It is the first stage of the funnel, in addition to being the widest part of it, being where the entire stage of capturing and converting users begins.

Within this first part, marketing strategies must be focused on attracting the user's attention, always keeping in mind who the Buyer person is.

It is normal that, at first, you may not be able to get users to complete the entire path of the tunnel. But, it is essential to continue generating content to have a greater reach, and, therefore, increase the chances of conversion.

Middle of the funnel – Half of the tunnel

This is perhaps the most complicated part of the online sales funnel, since now your efforts must be aimed at getting users to continue the tunnel. That is, once their attention is captured, they must have a motivation to acquire some service from the company.

On the other hand, in the graphic sense, the area begins to be narrower, so the strategies and methods must be more direct, but subtle, with your Buyer persona.

In addition, it also works as a filter, since it is where you begin to differentiate those users who are potential clients, and those who are not.

Bottom of the funnel – End of the funnel

Corresponds to the part destined to the final conversion of the user to a client, which can be specified through a registration, a sale or the contracting of a service.

At this point is where all digital marketing strategies bear fruit, as the final sales objectives are achieved.

However, the same path must be followed, analyzing and studying the data obtained from the methods used. Everything, in order to generate more web traffic, which also increases the chances of conversion and sales.

Benefits of a sales funnel

The implementation of a marketing funnel brings with it an extensive series of benefits for the company, where the main thing is the increase in the probability of sale. However, it is worth bearing in mind all the advantages.

Improve your knowledge of the customer

Through the application of sales funnels, what is obtained is the interaction of each of the users in the different stages.

In this way, it allows observing and analyzing the different factors that influence the decision of a user to become a client. Or, alternatively, that a person loses interest in the service.

Sales funnel: do you know how it works? – Marketings – WebMediums
A sales funnel is a marketing strategy to retain users.

That is why the analysis of the data obtained from the funnel is essential, so that the strategies can be redefined in search of better results.

Increase productivity

Through the funnel, marketing strategies are directly aimed at attracting and capturing users, with which it is sought that they advance from one stage to another.

In this sense, specific methods are applied for each stage, which allows to considerably reduce unnecessary resources.

Greater integration with the sales department

It is important that the sales team is aware of the user's transition in each of the stages of the funnel. Thanks to this, it will be possible to prepare in the best way to approach the final conversion to a client.

Likewise, they must be aware of how vital the funnel is for the company, since it is the method that allows attracting new users who will be potential clients.

At that point, it is possible to achieve a better integration of each of the company's teams, ranging from digital marketing to sales.