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What is a Social Media Manager? And what is its function?

For all those entrepreneurs who want to take their brands to the highest level in social networks.

Irene de Espinoza
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What is a Social Media Manager? And what is its function? – Marketings
Social media manager

For those who have social networks, but do not know how to create content that positions, they urgently need a Social media manager.

This professional is a content manager in social networks, who establishes publication guidelines, plans content and achieves results with programmed goals.

They are people capable of creating the best advertising campaigns and promoting them through social networks.

They know exactly the types of posts that each brand needs, the most popular content based on what they offer, and the posting times on each social network.

What is a Social Media Manager? And what is its function? – Marketings
The best content for social networks

Honestly, it's a blast to have an alloy like this. We show you everything you need to know about the work of a social media manager and validate, if you require their services to position your company.

The role of a social media manager

The manager of your social networks has arrived, this is the function of the social media manager. It is about the person who creates strategies for a certain company to introduce it to social networks through advertising campaigns.

Evaluate the context of the company, the positioning of the brand and draw the best strategies.

The social media manager does not work alone, he needs to be associated with the community manager; who will actually be in charge of uploading and publishing each content of the brand.

What is a Social Media Manager? And what is its function? – Marketings
Functions are priority

You must be an expert in social networks, and know about the best times for publication.

You should also know what are the latest trends in social networks and the exhaustive analysis of the competition. All this is a priority if you really want to increase the sales of the company.

What is the role of a Social Media Manager?

If you are looking for a Social Media Manager for your company, then you should know what their role is and the aspects that you should consider before hiring.

Market study, what does it consist of?

This is the first and most important step, it is about evaluating your potential audience, those clients we want to find.

It should be studied what they are, what they want, which are the networks most used by them, the content that most attracts their attention; and after that, the plan to be carried out is carried out.

We create content

Congratulations, thanks to the previous research and knowledge of several similar patterns among our potential clients, it is time to create content.

At the moment we can work on written content, have editors who generate attractive publications; and also audiovisual content, a powerful element of social networks to be able to engage.

What is a Social Media Manager? And what is its function? – Marketings
You need content creators

What is your most powerful social network?

You must consider which is the most fluid social network for your brand, the one that will become your greatest communication channel. It is there where you will emphasize the best and most concurrent publications.

It was the turn of the community manager

Once the strategy has been drawn up, a grid is designed that will lead the community manager to make the constant publications, at the times understood or established by social media.

You need a budget

It is mandatory for the company to allocate a budget for social media. This requires it to pay for different spaces or advertising campaigns. In turn, to create content requires investment, payment of writers, designers or editors.

Differences between social media manager and community manager

First, it is very clear that the social media manager is the campaign manager and is above the community manager. This is the one who does the planning and gives the guidelines to the community manager to execute them.

The social media manager has broad responsibilities, since if something goes wrong, he must devise a new plan in the event of a possible crisis in the campaign. The community will only wait for indications to manage possible solutions.

What is a Social Media Manager? And what is its function? – Marketings
Community or social media?

He is trained to establish strategic relationships with important brands and build relationships that enhance both companies. The community establishes a close relationship with customers who interact on social networks.

Do you need a social media manager? Or do you want to be one?

For any of the questions, the answer has been explicit, observing the work of the social media manager, we understand that managing the social networks of a company is not an easy task, nor is it something that should be carried lightly.

What is a Social Media Manager? And what is its function? – Marketings
What do you need?

It is a work that deserves investigation and responsibility, where creativity must be present from beginning to end, and no day should be lost to publish.

To be a social media manager you have to study and gain experience, even with your own social networks, and if the case is to enhance your brand, you will be making the best investment.